Moniker Update: Support Replies, Bulk Auth Codes, Privacy Email Fail, Privacy Price

This is time for another Moniker update. The past 2 months have been crazy. I have made 8 posts, including this one, describing what have been a Moniker system disaster.

Before a couple of days I received some cryptic emails from Moniker:

we hereby acknowledge receipt of your payment in the amount of 8.45 $ by TRANSACTION [Receipt of payment cash; Transferring balance from duplicate account to active account.].

and then:

we hereby acknowledge receipt of your payment in the amount of -8.45 $ by Balancing of negative account debit; Transferring balance from duplicate account to active account..

These 2 payments cancel out and they don’t appear in my invoice or transaction history so I am not sure if I need to worry or not. I have no idea what the “duplicate account” refers to…

Problems with Moniker are not really improving fast but I did receive a response to my support ticket for the emails above during the weekend:

When the system was migrated, another account was created for you by accident. The system closed the other account and transferred the funds to your active account ****. We do apologize for this error and hope you understand what happened.

Yes, Moniker support has started repliying to support tickets. I started 4 support tickets in the past 2 months and now 2 of them have replied to. The first one was about a refund of one of my domains I had set to auto-renew off and they renew it anyway. The second was the one above. I guess the other 2 were lost in space.

One thing I found out was that the bulk auth code feature does work. You only need to unlock the domains first and then request for the bulk auth codes. In the past Moniker used to do this in one go: unlock and send auth codes by email. Nowadays this is not how it works. I tried it for a couple of locked domains and the email with the auth codes never came. I then unlocked the domains, requested the auth codes and boom. The email with the auth codes was delivered. (In the past couple of times I got all my account auth codes instead of the 10 I asked. Now sure what’s happening but as long as I am getting the auth codes I can’t complain.)

One other thing you might want to check is the whois privacy. Some domains have the old Moniker privacy email that does not work: Although the domain seem to be behind privacy, you are not receiving any emails send to the email address above.
You need to check whois and make sure that all your domain that are behind privacy have this type of email address: This one works fine.

Finally is seems that the whois Proxy Service is now $4.00 (exclusive VAT) / Year. It was $1 for me before the new system. Do you all see this price too?
Moniker Transfer Request: DENY [7716509]

Here are the 7 Moniker posts I have made in the past 2 months with all the problems after their system change so you can keep track on all of them:
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  1. I would be curious how many domain names they had under management prior to the
    debacle and how many they have now? I am sure they lost hundreds of thousands as a result.

  2. They are arrogant jerks, keep blaming deal or something, seriously moniker, hire a lawyer, get your domains under management. If you have domains with them, take account, inside they do not have control of snapnames catches, it is really a mess in there. Took 2 weeks to renew a domain, wasted about 1 hour, and 15 minutes, 2 voicemails, 3 support tickets, and 2 live calls, to renew a friggin domain at a cost of almost $10! Bye Bye Moniker

  3. I also noticed this new $4 price for privacy, at this rate they are no longer competitive and it should cost me less to have my names on others registrars….
    If I have no positive news on this I should move all my domains as soon I come back from vacations, because I emailed about it 3 weeks ago and they did not look to care more than that.
    It’s crazy they most then double the rate overnight and without any notification…

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