Outlook.com gets 32 new @Outlook email address with international domains

As announced earlier today, over the next few days Microsoft will release an update for people who use Outlook.com. This includes a number of new features such as two-step verification, the ability to sign in with an alias and new international domains for your email address. So Outlook.com gets 32 new @Outlook email address with international domains.

Microsoft seems to be very happy by the reception to the new Outlook.com service. Microsoft claims that many people have chosen to create new @outlook.com aliases, and many people have switched over from other email services.

Microsoft got many requests from people that would like to be able to have an @outlook address that is unique to their country (e.g. @outlook.de). The list includes some domains that are favorites in their country like outlook.fr and some that are rarely used such as outlook.com.gr. (outlook.gr is parked at Sedo) So here is the list of new @outlook email domains that will be available in the next few days:



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  1. Just wondering what key Microsoft uses in regard to selection of supported countries and its ccTLD extensions. Obviously there are a lot of countries that are not in the list, the question is why…?

    • It’s simple. They don’t own any corresponding outlook domains.

      • They have enough money to buy them…

      • I bet some outlook domains are not for sale.
        Outlook.co.uk might potentially be for sale… If Microsoft buys the whole company. 🙂

        And I bet they don’t even know who owns the outlook.gr domain. .Gr whois doesn’t list any of the registrant’s details.
        You have to email the registrar and then maybe the registrar will forward the email to the owner and then maybe the owner will contact the interested party.

  2. When these emails will be live ? any date or prediction ?

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