The domain dropped and 678 domains still have it as their administrative email address!

I wrote an article a few weeks back called “Keep your whois details current – Especially keep your adminemail domain registered!“. When I was writing that article I didn’t have a major registrar in mind. I thought that people that are obliged by ICANN to remind registrants to keep their whois details current would do the same for their own domain names. I was wrong.

I am talking about Dotster/ that is still a big registrar no matter how screwed up things seem over there.

And this is just another example. Not only did they manage to let expire and drop (maybe it was their decision) but they also left at least 678 domains with an administrative emailaddress that is “”. That is almost 2 months after dropped.

The domain was used to run a backorder service that was very popular back in the day. One of the best catches was for the remarkable price of $8.75 back in 2002. But that is another story…

The domain dropped on the 25th of May and it was auctioned off at Namejet that caught the domain. The winning bidder paid $2,622 to get it. is now parked at Sedo and it is for sale. The winning bidder from China seems to own more than 1000 domains.

I am very curious as to what traffic it gets. Well you will have to subtract all the curious domainers like me visiting the domain.

Well that is where the problems (for Dotster) begin. says that the email address“” is associated with about 678 domains. I have found quite a few myself. I bet most of them are .info domains from 2003 as I have seen 10s of these as I scan whois details. Most of these domains are for Sale at Sedo with buy it now prices. They are probably for sale by Dotster that stillhas a lot of domain inventory back from the namewinner days.

I don’t want to drag this thing anymore but I tried something and it seems that if the new onwer wanted to take control of these 678 he probably could do it within a couple of minutes. Time some people over at Dotster/ to wake up and take care of their domainsinstead of hiking up registration and renewal prices.


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  1. Well said “Time some people over at Dotster/ to wake up and take care of their domains instead of hiking up registration and renewal prices.”

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