Do You Think I Would Buy A 7-Figure Domain Name From a Gmail Email Address?

noI got an email with a great .com domain name in the subject. I opened it just because I was curious and not because I was expecting anything from the email.

What I got was an offer to buy the domain name for 7 figures:

“Hello, our client is looking for people who might be interested in buying domain name

Our client is looking for offers in seven figure range.

Please let me know if you would be interested.
Thank you,
The email came from a gmail email address. The first thing I thought was that the domain was stolen. (I don’t think it is) Or that the so called broker is acting on its own. Or this is just a scam of some sort.
The gmail address can’t even let me for a second think that this could be legitimate. And the punctuation is wrong too.
The domain name is owned by If they wanted to sell the domain I would expect an email from and not from “Harold.” or Harold Whitter that no one knows.
Even scammers are doing a sloppy job these days.

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  1. I get emails from Harold Whitter from time to time. The latest one was offering a domain that was just registered that day. The registrant in whois was Simonas Balnys who from doing a quick google search is someone who spams the whois registry.

  2. Actually we own and sent Alibaba ( via their IP person) an email just this morning from a private account and their attorney got right back to us. So I guess you have to look at everything.

  3. Exactly-all they had to do was check Whois and the email is the same as with

  4. Not so fast here. I agree that emailing domainer using gmail seems pointless.
    But there is one benefit in using gmail when you email end user and there is even a tiny possibility of trademark issues. By using throwaway gmail and public wifi you have a legal deniability that it was you who offered domain for sale. I would totally recommend using gmail in a situation like offering to General Mills or to a company called Igloo Something. It sucks, but it is what it is.

    • This was about buying a 7 figure domain name and not selling to gm. Good luck proving it was not you that offered the domain for sale in a UDRP.

    • And why are you talking about IP infringements? Why would you offer an IP infringing domain for sale well knowing the fact? I guess my definition of scan is not the same as yours. I get emails from Simonas and I think is one sad individual

  5. email is just a contact – Any transaction use a accredited escrow or Law firm for the purchase

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