Dan and MediaOptions announce partnership

Dan.com and MediaOptions announced a new partnership. The partnership is intended to combine Dan.com’s domain marketplace together with MediaOptions’ enterprise-level domain brokerage services in order to boost sales for participating portfolio owners.

“Our partnership provides Dan.com users with greater returns while democratizing access to MediaOptions brokerage, said Reza Sardeha, CEO and Founder of Dan.com. We are continuously striving to provide our customers with the most advanced domain transaction platform in the world. This now includes the integration of services from trusted and valued partners such as MediaOptions.”

With 13 million domain names listed on its platform, Dan.com’s sellers regularly field thousands of sales leads per month. Under this new partnership agreement, MediaOptions will be assigned the brokering of these sales in order to ease the process for customers. The domain ownership transfer process will be handled by Dan.com, providing both buyers and sellers with an easy-to-use platform and brokerage capabilities.

“I have been a big fan of Dan.com for years. They continuously innovate the domain space with an impressive and highly functional platform, said Andrew Rosener, CEO and Founder of MediaOptions. At the same time, MediaOptions continues to make strides in growing its business and finding efficient ways to bring our best-in-breed services to more customers. This partnership will allow us to continue to grow, significantly increase our lead flow, and bring our ‘Domains-as-a-Service’ model to more customers. ”

Meanwhile, DAN’s domain name registrar is coming soon.


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  1. Once they become registrar and start selling names, I will transfer every domain I have over to them. That will be true turnkey system with option to place higher names with MO if needed.

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