DAN’s domain name registrar is coming soon

DAN offered a sneak peak into the upcoming domain name registrar services that are expected in 2021.

“The first step in our journey to offer registrar services is to create one central place for you to manage, monetize & sell your domains. And that’s going to go live in October 2021.”

“After the above structure change, the next step for our product team is to integrate registrar features directly in your workflow so you can manage all your Dan registered and externally registered domains in one place.”

DAN expects to offer domain registrar services at Dan.com in Q4 of 2021. The next step after that is to allow domain holders to also develop or manage their developed domains at Dan.

DAN is going to offer transfer-ins, renewals & new registrations at cost price.

Dan also announced that sellers sold on the platform in September about 4000 domains for a total of €6,390,757.


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  1. yup, if they want to compete, they need to offer all the services and products like GD…

    Whoever have the best customer service, pricing and other no nonsense shit like epik, they will strive.

    Very competitive market in this industry.

    I think Epik is on the way to bankruptcy to non existence because of their legal woos and reputation.

  2. Dan.com is teaching an entrepreneur lesson, the sending of monopoly competition hurts their achievements.

    @BullS In relation to Epik it will hold because there are many domain registrars that are the same as their reputation as an example Network Solutions read here their history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_Solutions

  3. DomainnamePurchases.com

    Great news, I do not use Dan as a marketplace but I would try if they offer cheap transfers for com domains.

  4. DAN and Squad Help are are setting the pace for innovation in the sector. It’s a shame that companies like Sedo and GoDaddy with all their resources are dinosaurs in comparison.

  5. The system visualized never came to fruition. “The first step in our journey to offer registrar services is to create one central place for you to manage, monetize & sell your domains.” We could imagine being bought by GoDaddy would speed-up developments at Dan.com, but (sadly) they purchased Dan.com to defend against innovation — and squashed the promise of at-cost registrar services.

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