DAN 2.0 coming in February

Reza Sardeha, CEO of Dan.com, announced today at NamesCon Online 2.0 that DAN 2.0 is coming in February.

DAN wants to integrate all aftermarket platforms into DAN 2.0 and to unify/centralize their inventories.

The rebuilt platform will offer lists where you would be able to assign your premium domain names and assign them to a broker.

DAN are launching a completely revamped customer area which includes a lot of new features, including their own domain name registrar.

DAN plans to built an Android and iPhone app further down the road but their attention is focused on desktop as it is easier there to manage large domain name portfolios.

You can read more on DAN 2.0 here.


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  1. I see your CEO with a very great prospects for the future and break the news in the Godaddy fiefdom, time will tell where to go Dan.com

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