Domain Agents domain valuation guide (2021)

Domain Agents has published its 2021 domain valuation guide.

Ryan McKegney, CEO of DomainAgents, said:

“As it turned out, domains had one of their best periods ever and 2021 has continued on that pace.”

Here are some important points from the Domain Agents domain valuation guide:

Short, one-word .com domains

  • Example: (sold for $550,000 USD), (sold for $75,000 USD)
  • Price range: $50,000 – $500,000+
  • Watch out for: Common, brandable, and trendy words as these can increase the value of a domain.
  • There is no upper limit, but sales like for $30M are outliers.

Longer or Uncommon One-word .com domains

  • Example: (sold for $55,000 USD)
  • Price range: $10,000-$50,000+
  • Watch out for: Brandable, trendy words, or variations of more common or shorter words which can increase the value of a domain.

Three-letter .com domains

  • Example: (sold for $117,500 USD), (sold for $105,000 USD), (sold for $74,000 USD), (sold for $450,000 USD)
  • Price range: $25,000k -$50,000k+, potentially over 7 figures
  • Watch out for: Trendy abbreviations that can increase value.

Two-letter .com domains

  • Example: (sold for $625,000 USD), (sold for $700,000  USD)
  • Price range: $500,000 to several million
  • These are extremely rare and don’t sell often.

Two-word .com domains

  • Example: (sold for $125,000 USD), (sold for $5071 USD)
  • Price range: $1,500 – $50,000+
  • Watch out for: Brandable or trendy keywords that will increase a domain’s value.
  • The pairing has to make sense.  Two random words together that don’t make sense in the context of eachother are worthless.

Factors that increase value:

  • Domains that are singular (vs. plural), or are related to current events (i.e. major global and political events), financial services, the auto industry, cryptocurrency, cannabis, or blockchain tend to be higher in value. Currently, domains with NFT/nifty, coin, and crypto are hot.

Factors that decrease value: 

  • Just like there are modifiers that increase value, we’ve found that these modifiers tend to decrease value: porn terms, past tense words, and words or terms with negative connotations.  We also don’t recommend investing in COVID related domains. Many marketplaces have banned them and they have been associated with bad or unethical behavior.

To read the complete Domain Agents 2021 domain valuation guide please click here.


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  1. sold for $3.6M in Jan 2021

  2. And here we go with more formulaic “domainer think”…

    It can be a bit useful for insiders to have data and info, but in the big picture this kind of thing still tends to hurt the industry depending on how it’s presented. And if this summary is at least partially illustrative of how it was presented, which it seems is the case, then this kind of thing hurts the industry…

    On a related note, check out my comments in “3 Letter Domain Names Don’t Always Make Great Investments” and “Going All Out in Bankruptcy Auction” at

    • Why do always tell others to “check out” your comments on other domain blogs? Do you spend all day, every day posting to every domain blog in existence? It’s weird, man.

  3. Not really rocket science is it, most valuable domains are .com and trendy words get more.

  4. 1334 / 5000
    Translation results
    Interesting domain valuation guide.
    I like what you let us know in your post.
    I’ve long wanted to read what Domain Agents write about domain valuation.
    About what decrease value, Covid who misuse Covid free domains, cheap hosting easy websites with phishing business as happened during Confinement by the epidemic, with and I think also with

    As a scientist in research and technology for more than 25 years now retired, I know the coincidences and chance of the search for the impossible, I was surprised as most Domainers that was registered in 2002 in the same year of the first outbreak of the virus in China.
    Coincidences also or premoditions and these two domains are this: A ribonucleic acid (RNA) vaccine or messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine

  5. Sounds about right. and or singular was said sold for 3 million last week. So if true the crypto token and coin markets are here to stay.

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