Dicker failed again to pay money owed as promised

Who is more dick? Dicker of course. The guy that doesn’t pay the money he owes for years, then says he will pay (after first saying he will not!) and then fails to pay again.

Are you confused? Well, it happens with this kind of people.

Dicker failed again to pay money owed as he promised 7+ months ago.

On October 22, 2020 this Dicker guy resurfaced on NamePros and claimed that he was going to pay everyone he owed money to in the next 6 months.

A few people believed him and even fewer got they money back.

Some idiots were already blaming me in case this Dicker guy didn’t pay back the money claiming that I was scaring him away. What are we? Children? Grow up.

6 months later I asked if this Dicker had paid everyone.

What do you think happened?

Then I got some emails like this one:

I even waiting more than a month after his 6-month promise before writing his.

So, don’t do business with this kind of pathological liars. And don’t give his guy any money and stop promoting him! Why are you exposing people to this Dicker guy?

Guess why he said he was paying people back? He was trying to crawl back into domaining to lure more victims. And he found a guy to use to accomplish this.

Yes, Helmuts Meskonis I am talking about you! WTF do you think you are doing? Just because you found one guy that will do interviews every week and won’t stop talking about himself it doesn’t mean that you should!

He is desperate and has serious issues! You have 16 videos with this Dick on your YouTube channel! Are you building a channel on Dicker? Seriously, you too seem as desperate as he is.

If you want to read some of the history then you can read it here:

My Personal View On The Adam Dicker Issue (2015)

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Adam Dicker still doing what he knows best (2016)

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  1. He is to smart for you, did it for seo play, looking like he had settled but he pulled the rug on everyone.

    Very sad, well if he still has stake in rams.com, divy it up.

  2. All the signs of a narcissist.

    Twats fall for the lies of such pricks over and over, hence the term “being shafted”

    Why is anyone dumb enough to expect a refund?

    The guy is a consummate liar!

    Think about it, if he had the sums owed he could have paid some cheap web dev company in India or other developing country to knock up a site for $10, unlimited hosting is peanuts compared to the income he has taken,

    That some people paid him $6500 is just so foolish, to fall for his continued bullshit is even more foolish.

    One of these days victims of such scammers, are going to crowdfund a bit of retribution on the dark web and who would blame them, mind you they would probably pay a scammer there!

  3. I got to know the Adam Dicker news about his money and debt problems, through your post.

    I think that after so long no one should come to trust him, and closing the doors is the most convenient thing to do.

    https://www.dnforum.com/tags/adam-dicker/ from 2015 see later.

  4. this FUCKER had it all. why did Adam Dicker throw it all away for a few thousand dollars? his rep is unrepairable!

    • Interesting screen name there, dotcomdotus. Not sure why you chose that, but I would say that .com and .us are the two best. .US has simply been kept suppressed all this time and from right out of the gate, however. And for “good” (not, as in bad) reasons too. I’ve written a huge comment which appears in a few of the blogs, something I call “The Truth About .US.” Let me know if you want a link. In fact there’s a good copy of it on Konstantinos’s blog here from not that long ago.

    • Hi Konstantinos – just got a reply to dotcomdotus here stuck in moderation for some reason. There are no lings in it, so the usual reason of having more than two links does not apply.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        Got it. It was in SPAM for some reason! Thanks

      • Thanks, Konstantinos. Have a great weekend! And I do hope you saw what I pointed out at K. Murphy’s blog today by the way. My, my, my. 😉

  5. I believe you mis-spelled his last name you need to drop the ER.

  6. That slimy piece of crap. Still hasn’t paid folks back. I was away for a while and see this.
    Call him –
    Email: adam.dicker@protonmail.com
    Address –
    State ON
    Country CA Canada

    He is broke. Has dropped some of his gems like assholewax.com and guyposter.com

    Thank you for bringing this up, again, Konstantinos. I hope restitution is paid soon Adam, this won’t go away

    (Editor’s note: the address and phone number were removed. Sorry about this.)

  7. I am surprised this person still has kneecaps

  8. I think he work for US company to pay his basic expenses now, if he really go broke:https://www.zoominfo.com/p/Adam-Dicker/3388287992

  9. Why didn’t anybody sue? Are the amounts too small?
    I put $10K into one of his ventures many years ago believing all the promises and hype, it was badly mismanaged and collapsed after a couple years. Was a valuable lesson, I don’t expect to get anything back, not worth the effort to pursue.

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