Has everybody gotten their money owed by Adam Dicker?


Has everybody gotten their money owed by Adam Dicker?

If I get 10 comments that say yes and not a single no, I will delete this post. But I think I know the answer…

He is resurfacing once again. They don’t read the Internet over at Belgium and 27.be?

I wonder if they will allow comments on that YouTube video.

From the first comments I see at The Domains post people don’t seem to like him very much. I wonder why… NOT!!!

If you don’t know what happened then you can read it here:

Adam Dicker Owes A Lot Of Money To A Lot Of People

Adam Dicker still doing what he knows best

Thank you for helping.


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  1. I am sure he is in need of funds, all his .ca renewals, and such have to be bleeding him dry.

    He didn’t sell assholes.com because he got a great offer, he sold it because he needed fast cash, pretty obvious.

    Now he is probably trying to make a comeback, and trying to get some new people in his income stream, but it is hard to come back when you have fallen so hard.

  2. I dont think he has cleared any debts he owes. Recently he sold a name to Media Options through Sedo, is he bankrupt?

    Report him on Youtube, so he doesn’t scam innocent people.

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