BODIS now supports SSL on over 6M host names

BODIS now resolves HTTPS requests for over 6M host names.

How It Works:

When a visitor arrives to an HTTPS page for the first time, Bodis adds that host name to a queue. Within minutes, a background task generates an SSL certificate for that host name. Any subsequent visitors would be able to access the domain landing page via HTTPS. There is a limit of 10 host names per domain name. (eg: www., non-www, and other sub domains).

BODIS approximates that this helps resolve the majority of HTTPS/SSL requests (99%+).

However BODIS says there are some minor last changes left to be made, these include the following:

a. Generate the SSL certificate in real-time or pre-visit so that the page resolves for the initial visitor request.

b. Switch to wildcard certs so that we are able to resolve an unlimited # of sub domains / host names per domain.


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