“Want to change the world? Register a sweet domain.”

Today it was Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube, that made a tweet about domain names.

2 days ago it was Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, that tweeted about domain names.

This is what Chad Hurley wrote on Twitter today:

Seems like domain names are already making their mark in 2021…


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  1. I have sucreries.com for sale.

    It means sweets in English.

    Can’t get any sweeter! LOL

    And the price is the sweetest that you can find!

  2. If you look outside of oldtimers, everyone is using new top-level domains.

    Lately I have been focused more on NFT (non fungable token) investment, rather than domains. Specifically, I am investing in online game items. This is totally the future.

    I am a cynic in my world view, and I think economies will switch more onto online game / competitions – it will blow the minds of old-timers, how everyone is valuing their competitive game items so much.

    It is a tiny niche, when ppl speak of NFT, they hard consider game items, as space has around 10k players currently, in whole.

    The point with domains, almost every single one is using new domains. I could send a huge list of examples but ill leave one.

    Gala.Games created by the co-founder of zynga games and the maker of the smashing success, farmville. They use .games. They recently sold an NFT for a banking structure on their upcoming MMO for $800k.

    Another card game sold a 1 off the virtual card, a single card for $80k.

    Huge investments being made in this NFT gaming space by real players. I play some games people have collections and do tournaments with $100,000 decks.

    It’s going to get more absurd. Much more. And focus on the domains too, because most all them are on new domains in the crypto space. Old-timers don’t get it. .Com is going down. It’s a simple matter of fact. Trying to help. Ignore it all at your own peril.

    I argued with and got banned against false claims by .comr such as ‘no one will trust these’. People are investing billions on them. Some of the most successful DEFI projects are on new domains.

    If you think people don’t trust them, or they won’t know they’re domains, you’re a fool. .com domainers been wrong and they keep perpetuating these lies, fooling themselves, missing every boat.

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