Wages.com sells for $41,000 – $40k+ seems to be a sweet spot at Namejet

Wages.com sold for $41,000 at Namejet today. The auction had 353 bids from 309 bidders. There were 7 bidders with a $10k bid or higher. The domain name was sold by Tucows.com.

$40k+ seems to be a sweet spot at Namejet these days. Last week Coo.com sold for $45,000. The auction had 372 bids from 347 bidders. There were 11 bidders with a $10k bid or higher. Coo.com was also a Tucows.com domain name.

eDoctor.com sold for $43,310 at Namejet in a deleted domain auction last week. The auction had 261 bids from 199 bidders. There were 6 bidders with a $10k bid or higher and 3 bidders with a $40k bid or higher.

Other notable sales at Namejet this past week include CustomerRelations.com for $5,200 and ItalianFashion.com for $6,000. Both are very nice domains. ItalianFashion.com was sold by Yummy Names that is a Tucows company.

Loo.com didn’t sell despite getting a $17,500 bid. The reserve price wasn’t met.


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