Scammers are shopping around GoDaddy expired domains

Scammers are shopping around GoDaddy expired domains while they are in auction. Today’s scammer uses the domain for his email address possibly to imply an association with Huge Domains. (that uses

I got an email from this English scammer that thinks I am his mate. He claimed falsely that is the domain broker of the domain name But this domain is actually an expired domain that is being auctioned at GoDaddy Auctions. At the time of writing the domain has a $350 bid.

This is blatant front-running that is also implicating Huge Domains that I am sure have nothing to do with this!

The domain redirects to to make this scam look more legitimate.

Whois shows that the domain name was registered at Dynadot over a year ago. It is still registered at Dynadot.

I got the email because I won a similar domain name and someone else was also on the senders list.

GoDaddy must investigate this auction because the scammer may end up winning the domain name or the winner can end up overpaying because of the scammer bidding.

Here is the email message I received:

From Chris Wilson (

Hello Mate,

My name is Chris, and I am a Domain Broker that is representing the sale of “”.

I am writing to see if you are interested in this opportunity.

Review & Respond Online.

Best Regards

Email sent by
Simple Mass Mail Merge


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  1. I don’t like to think badly but to believe that everything is at home, that is, in the same place.

  2. I went head to head with the real HugeDomains last night on an expired auction. Bidder 913932 cost me big time, I would probably have picked up the domain for a couple hundred but it ended up costing me over $1,500.
    I had no idea HugeDomains would bid up that high, I always figured they dropped off at a couple hundred or so.

    As for the dingbat fake broker…. I get contacted with people frontrunning domains all the time. I remember when I was active on namepros, I was always contacted by people front running domains. I even made a topic about it.

  3. Godaddy,are you reading this?. Stop that auction now .

  4. Why would godaddy care higher price for them, follow the money of these scammers, say yes and ask where to make payment.

    Udrp lawyers rejoice

  5. Auctions are all scam…no transparency!!

    Way to go,my favorite Greek tennis player-Stefanos Tsitsipas—hope you win the US Open 2020-you are the best!!

    Damn, I should be there.

  6. Sure this pushes up prices and cuts domainer margins by connecting directly with endusers, but how is it a scam?

    Why would Godaddy “investigate this auction” and what would they be looking for exactly?

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