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Complete list of the 50,000 domains Mike Mann dropped

You can find here the complete list of the almost 50,000 domain names that Mike Mann has dropped from his portfolio in the past few months and are dropping soon.

I wrote yesterday about Mike dropping almost 50,000 domains in the past 3.5 months.

Mike posts his entire list of domains for sale on a spreadsheet (most domains also have a BIN price) at his website domainmarket.com. I found that March 5th 2020 was his peak with 350,854 domains in the list.

The list was derived by taking his publicly posted list from March 5th 2020 and taking out all the domains from the June 17th 2020 list. (I did not simply took the nameserver numbers from DomainTools to assume the 50,000 drops. DomainTools was used to confirm the findings.)

This list may include domains that were removed from the list for various reasons. Some domains were sold (probably fewer than 400-500), some domains have dropped and are free to register, some domains were dropped and bought by other people including domain investors, some domains are in pending delete or redemption period. Finally some domains are still resolving to Mike’s website so I am not sure if these are dropping or not. Anyway, you have to do your own research with the list below.

I checked a random list of 6,407 domains and 1,622 of these are now free to register and more than 2,300 domains are dropping soon.

I would be really cautious buying many of these domains because some were held by Mike for more than 8-10 years and Mike had all the stats that lead him to drop them. Of course a few good domains can slip through the cracks. Domain investors have already bought a few of the dropped domains. HugeDomains and BuyDomains have bought some.

Here is the list with 49,859 the domain names.

Those of you that are regular readers of this blog you know that I have been keeping track of Mike’s domain sales for years. See here the latest report and links to all the previous reports.

If you want to further understand Mike Mann’s pricing and sell-through rates read here: A few important details on Mike Mann’s domain sales.

If you feel the need to say something about Mike’s sales being fake or whatever then first read this: Casting a doubt on all domain name sales.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. I made it through the ‘s’…
    10% of those domains are better than what 80% of domainers on forums have.
    I’m sad for the ones that fell for the 5-6 letter marble-mouthed brandables :/

  2. I heard the drop was needed to support his new drug habit.
    Mann is a total mess.

  3. Thanks for the list! Unfortunately the list looks to be cherry picked already. I tested ~100 and found only one available. It was a crappy one just to check!

  4. I am pretty sure most of these names will be picked up by Hugedomains. By the way, why are you so obsessed about Mike Mann?

  5. Many of these names would have been bought and used had Google not turned the internet back into a searched dominated Rolodex. Monopoly platforms are where netizens now reside and where their thought-data is sold to the highest corporate and government buyer. Netizens movements and buying trends are their equity.

    Now, only the generics and most obvious domain names can receive top dollar because they are memorable and will always generate direct P2B traffic which is invaluable.

    Until the government starts instituting reforms and updating restrictions to these platforms will there be a movement to free up the internet for its users to make a tangible living and succeed in the virtual world. It could take years or decades before the internet matures as a virtual living-space without the enforcement of AntiTrust law. The current crisis’ are moving people and their businesses online and at home, but what is very little left is own-able. Domain names, and the content we build, is the way forward. Monopolistic platforms, especially Google, are standing in our way.

    • Brave browser will bring Google (at least AdWords and Chrome) to its knees. I have no doubt.

      I do believe they see it coming. Their AdWords monopoly will probably shrink relatively rapidly.

      I think now, they plan to develop covert web-assets which will ‘organically’ rank at the top of Google. These sites will not use javascript based ads. Many stuck using google.com, regardless of the browser will still be ‘trapped’ within their ‘top website’ network just the same.

      If you’re not on at least page 3 for a term, expect about 0 traffic. Lots of competition out there and only a few know how to game it. The ‘updates’ will always suit Google.

    • If only more “domainers” cared about such things. Michael sure has a way of posting something to appreciate sometimes.

      Google and the other monopolies are in bed with government, and vice versa.

      It’s not just about corporate profits and market dominance, but no less about power and control over society, the world, and the partnership for censorship, propaganda and control over information that entails.

      The prospects for positive change do not look good right now, and even if improvement does occur for a season, “Orwellian dystopia” is still coming eventually no matter what. If you want to know as far as possible now how it all ends it’s all here: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+1&version=NASB.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        Google has been screwing everybody for years, stealing traffic from search and reducing PPC payouts among many things.

  6. Would like to see someone interview Mystery Mann about whatever his is up to…

    I bet he is running out of cash to buy cigarettes.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      He replied to my tweet and said: “Don’t question the chef. Respect the dish.”

      • How can you respect the dish when you don’t know who the real chef is?
        Don’t you like to know what in the dish by asking the chef?

  7. I was thinking about the “chef” today.

    Not only has he the current DM portfolio – 350-300 domains – but also of course he created the most of the domains still at BD!

    So what’s that…like 600k? In terms of eye-registered domains does that put him ahead of FS?

    I registered CafeFoods.com from his drops I thought it was half decent.

  8. Thanks so much for covering this issue, and in particular for generating and posting the list.
    Would be interesting to learn more of why he dropped so many and the criteria he used, and whether it was automated or by hand. If by hand, a big time commitment to go through and make decisions on 50,000!
    I have gone through a part of the list, and took one. May search some more.
    Thanks again for your superb coverage of this topic.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Thanks Bob. Mike has said that he goes through the list one by one and puts a BIN price. Or in this case drops the domain.

  9. I see SocialDistance.com on the 50k list?

  10. Finally Mike Mann learns the concept of a Sunken Cost.

    It would be an interesting experiment to figure how long he owned them to detemrine how much he wasted on the tripe list.

    I could not find a download link for his entire inventory, please publish it

  11. Konstantinos Zournas

    I added 2 lists of available domains or very soon to be available domains:

  12. that includes names I sold ……………. so the list is completely corrupt and useless as expected, anyhow it’s pigs at the trough, the reason I dropped those is because I can buy better ones with the same money, and so can you

  13. The Godaddy domain valuation tool is just a joke for insiders, anyone who trusts it is naive to say the least

  14. who is that moron “gene”, and who lets people like that in their forums? lying anonymous asses? my drug habit?

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