Adam Dicker went MIA

Adam Dicker proved once again his trustworthiness by not showing up at today’s scheduled live video interview on YouTube.

The live video started with the interviewer from stalling for about 10 minutes talking about domain names.

After realizing that Adam would not show the live video ended.

The video has since been deleted from YouTube by

The comment I got from someone that watched the live video was that the interviewer “weirdly defended Adam”.

People were ready for some entertaining comments on the YouTube video but were disappointed.


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  1. Adam Dicker needs to repay the people he owes money to or acknowledge the debt by filing for bankruptcy and selling assets. He is a coward who will only ever repay pay the people with the resources to sue him.

  2. I dont think he has cleared any debt he owes. Recently he sold a name to Media Options through Sedo, is he bankrupt?

  3. It shows “This video has been removed by the user”

    This is awesome

  4. I have heard a lot about Adam Dicker in my beginnings as Domainer over the years if you are not honest with yourself and with others, you end up paying your wrongdoing.
    In my humble opinion debts is a scourge that should be paid at least to be someday more presentable than it is today, if there is still some honesty left.

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