The case of the $2,500 .org domain name

You can’t trust Ethos Capital with .org. You can’t trust them with anything.

Anyone giving Ethos Capital a voice is doing a big mistake. It is ICANN that needs to be asked some hard questions and not Ethos Capital. Ethos Capital is irrelevant but ICANN wants attention on Ethos Capital to avoid answering the real questions.

And then of course ISOC and PIR need to be asked some hard questions but I get them… They are all working for their “non-profit” $500k per year salaries, bonuses and expenses. They will spend that $1.135 billion in record time and then vanish into some other “non-profit” or an “Ethos” company.

Ethos Capital will say anything you want to hear until they get their hands on .org.

And then they will change their tune. This is what Fadi Chehadi advised Abry to do after they acquired Donuts and their 220+ domain name extensions. Fadi Chehadi and the other Abry consultants advised Donuts to raise prices on its extensions after Donuts promised they will not do that. Donuts lied just like Ethos Capital is lying now. So stop listening to Ethos Capital and focus to the corrupt ICANN organization and Fadi Chehadi.

The $2,500 .org domain name

Let me make this clear for everyone. It is not hard to understand and we already have a real market example.

.Cars, .car and .auto domains are all selling for about $2,500 per year retail. ($2,800 at GoDaddy) That is a flat price for all .cars, .car and .auto domains.

If Ethos Capital increases price of .org domains from $10 today to $2,500 they only need to keep 40,000 domain registrations to make the same amount of money .org makes today on 10 million domain registrations.

.Cars, .car and .auto are not even close as well known as .org, yet their registry operator says that their business model is working. .Org is a legacy domain name extension that is around for 34 years, it is well known around the globe, it has great credibility and  it has a solid customer base that will not be moving to a different extension very easily. That is unless they want to lose their website traffic, SEO ranking, links, emails that have been building and using for many years and expose themselves to fraudulent activity by leaving their domain name free. The first thing you do when moving from one domain name to another is setup redirections for your website traffic/links and your email and of course you keep your old domain for all this to work. The cost of moving to another domain name will too big and probably in some cases the cost will be disastrous.

If Ethos Capital manages to maintain 10% of today’s .org domain name registrations they will be making 25 times what they are making today! 10% is just 1 million domains.

So Ethos Capital will be making $2.5 billion per year! They will be making more than half of what they paid for .org in 6 months. Think about that for a minute.

If it is not Ethos Capital then it will be some other company or it will simply be ISOC and PIR that will raise the prices.

Now let’s sue ICANN that unjustifiably lifted the price caps on .org, .info and .bi and created this mess in the first place.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. God Bless you for this eye opening.If anyone believes these “Greedy” ICANN and the deal they made under the table to lift the price caps and think they wont increase then they dont see the clear picture.

    They made this deal knowing if the public outcry is over,their bank account gers full.I am sure their offshore bank account should be investigated.I can bet those involved have these.They shall die in their greed,thats all i can say.You exploit people to enrich yourself over a deal.

    Bless you Konstantinos.

  2. ICANN and all their cohorts are corrupt.
    It may as well be a criminal enterprise IMHO!

    Nothing they have done is for the good of anyone but themselves.
    They have a history of enriching themselves at the expense of the public and their own doctrine.

    It’s all hot air and bullshit tho.

    The ONLY way to get anyone’s attention is via litigation.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      The problem is that domainers don’t care about anything important.

      • Domainers care but 99% of them don’t have the monetary resources to do something about it. Tell you what if you care start a go fund me towards litigation and that way everyone can contribute.
        Do it quick though cause the clocķ is ticking.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        If they cared then at least these posts would have more views and tweets would have more likes and retweets.

    • icann is a racketeering influenced corrupt organization… PERIOD.

  3. US Department of Commerce said ICANN does not have antitrust immunity:

    “ICANN does not have antitrust immunity. U.S. competition laws will continue to apply to ICANN, as they do today.”

    “U.S. competition laws would apply to the conduct of ICANN and its constituent groups in their performance of the IANA functions to the same extent as those laws now apply to other private entities, and thus these laws can serve to discourage ICANN and its constituent groups from engaging in anticompetitive conduct that would harm Internet users.”

  4. These guys will simply play the game for a year or two then do 15% rises for the next 20 years. Says something about the Internet Society that they be a party to this. ICANN should be looking at a tender process , that is what happened after got sold to private equity.

  5. Your concern is well-placed and many people share the thoughts you have been raising in your posts. Funding ways to act and funding it are challenges.

    Regarding $2,500 domains: based on the way the army of nonprofits have reacted to suggestions of even 10% a year dot org increases, Fadi, Brook & Co might be tarred and feathered and carried out of town on a rail by those nonprofits if ever such a thing was implemented.

  6. Really, Rick Schwartz and other big guys could organize some *alliance*, find best lawyers, start funding and pr campaign and sue the crap out of icann. I’m sure then everyone will see domainers are real community, not just lone wolfs. Lot of people will support such alliance with funding and media overage. Such alliance, together with all of us ordinary domainers, could change the history.

  7. Correct you are sir. They will say anything they can because this is a goldmine if they can swindle the world into agreeing to it. (Err, swindle ICANN that is)

    However, I see numbers a little different.

    $500 a domain a year. They will lose all but 1.5 million domains. But 1,500,000 times $500 a year is $750 million a year revenue. And they are purchasing the extension for only a little bit more.

    The return on investment here is insane. ICANN will likely “pretend” it cares, just like public comment periods, it won’t work in the public favor, will go against what all of .org registrants need (protection against monopolists) and I predict ICANN’s actions here, especially now that they are looking into it, will open them up to even more antitrust issues. If they investigate and do the wrong thing, thus continuing their shill of a game at regulation – it shows willful intent by the board and organization to screw the public at large.

    Will see what happens, but I like many, do not expect ICANN to care and only to PRETEND as it always does that it is doing something good.

  8. Days ago reading the comments of a blog about ICANN …..
    I realized that one of the comments at the end wrote US LAW, so I was intrigued to see this and start doing searches with phrases where US LAW was the first results were from the year 1999 Intellectual Property issues and much more
    In one of my recent searches find a phrase in the results? “Question” what is icann and what are its main responsibilities?

    After reading the beginning of the content of the previous link, I search: ICANN is a private under US law
    This link may be chilling but it is the reality that we will all encounter, not only our market ……………….

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