Clueless company threatens Rick Schwartz

A totally clueless company threatened Rick Schwartz with a Cease and Desist letter about one of Rick’s domain names:

Here is what Rick said about this in a tweet:

C&D Meets FU

POS Wants my Prop*com

“The price of a domain should not exceed the cost of registering a trademark. If we provide you with trademark registration documents. Then, by court order, we will easily get this domain in accordance with international law.”

#Domains #RDNH

Somehow I can tell Rick was not too happy with this BS. 😉

Who in their right mind thought of this: “The price of a domain should not exceed the cost of registering a trademark.“???

They talk about international law so I guess the clueless company is located outside the US.

The domain name is currently parked with PPC ads at Uniregistry.


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  1. Ya, now that they only have a TM, and no domain, their company is starting to LOOK just like a (stage) PROP. Same for their C&D letter, a prop!

  2. Entitled idiots. They must hand over their trademark to Rick for $10. The price of a trademark should never exceed the cost of a domain!

    Where do these people come from..

  3. These people should have emailed his name before pulling this stunt. Rick is fortunate he has the resources to defend against these people. They are going to get what’s coming.

  4. There are 42 trademarks around the world, using the exact word “PROP”.
    There are 1334 trademarks around the world, containing the word “PROP”.

    So which one of all these TM-holders think they have the sole right to own the .com domain-name ?

    Rick, please sue the sh*t out of these idiots.

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