Rick Schwartz reveals domain name purchase prices from the 1990’s

Rick Schwartz revealed on Twitter some of his domain name purchase prices from the 1990’s.

He started by saying that domain name acquisition cost has nothing to do with sales price, something that I completely agree with: “I have no issues publishing prices I paid for my #domainnames. Most think it will affect their #sales price. Nonsense unless you are VERY weak. My cost has NOTHING whatsoever to do with my sales price. This is the WRONG #business to price your #Domains according to cost! DUH!!”

He then went ahead and shared some purchases prices of some of his domains:

He shared more purchases prices as well as traffic stats and PPC earnings in several tweets. I have collected all the data below.

Domain name purchase prices:

Slut(.)com for $75,000
KinkySex(.)com for $88,500
Sexo(.)com $10,000
Luv(.)com bought with wxy(.)com for $6,500 for the pair.
XXXVideos(.)com $900
Vagina(.)com $6,000
Booty(.)com $1,000
Nymphos(.)com $5,000
Ass(.)com $12,500
Virgins(.)com $8,500
Bitch(.)com $2,500
Queen(.)com $2,500
iExport(.)com $3,688
GoFishing(.)com $12,500
Widgets(.)com $5,000
Stud(.)com $1,000
ComputerService(.)com $750 (2002)
TaxPlanners(.)com $300 (2002)
Cheapest(.)com Paid $62 (2002)

Traffic and PPC earning stats:

xxxvideos(.)com and xxxvideos(.)xxx Both get traffic.
The .xxx gets +/- 250 type-ins a month and makes about $2
The .com gets nearly 500,000 type-ins a month and earns about $1500

Faking(.)com 500 daily visitors and earns $100-$150/month
Violation(.)com 60 daily visitors earns $125-$250/month

Sexo(.)com (Sex in Spanish) was getting 15,000+ visitors/day at 1 time & made over $100/day now down to 1500 visitors and $10.

Royalcam(.)com 15,000 annual visitors and $388 in earnings.

KinkySex(.)com made $60 last year.

I think that one lesson to be learned here is that if you see a deal then you must act on it. These purchase prices may be from the 1990’s but you can still find a deal these days. It is just more rare and harder to do.

Finally, see on a post from February why I agree with Rick that domain name acquisition cost has nothing to do with sales price: “Marksmen makes lowball offer using a GoDaddy domain appraisal“. (Please read the comments.)


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. well,…All i see is a trend where less money is to be made from domaining as Google steals all the traffic.
    Personally,…I see prices peaked in 2012 and the trend is stll down.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      You are talking about parking. Sales and developing are going up!

      • I’m surprised you deleted my comment. It was perfectly related and dovetailed nicely and appropriately with the very Feb. thread you referred people to. But it’s your blog and you can do what you want of course.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        John your comment is already on my blog several times. And if you post outside links to images (that might also not be there after a while) AND you don’t make any comment as to why you posted this and how it is relevant it will get deleted.

      • Okay, well in light of that, then: this link is directly and importantly related to how much automated “appraisals” have affected all of us and with regard to undervaluing and lowball offers, which relates squarely to the article people are directed to at the end of your post here; repetition and reminder is often extremely important, especially as news and information and blog pages constantly drift into the abyss of the past, and pages become no longer even readily accessible, often to be forgotten, while bringing such things back to people’s current awareness by way of reminder often serves a very valuable purpose. Like for example, the case of Julian Assange whose asylum was illegally withdrawn and who was arrested today for practicing true journalism, and continually reminding people of how important that particular matter is for all of us and how it should be very much in front of us. So on that note, here is the image again in the hopes that it will strongly resonate with people vis-a-vis the issue of the impact of automated appraisals on us all and our businesses regardless of their source: https://imgur.com/gallery/0LNonIJ. Especially for those who didn’t even see it before.

        And I hope you like how I was able to weave Julian Assange in there. An extremely dark and sad day for the entire world, with huge implications if it prevails.

  2. WOW amazingly all of them are dot COM…

    I wonder how the sellers of those domains are feeling now.

  3. A lot of sex-y domain names. 70% of internet bandwidth is used for such websites, and it does not seem surprising that kind of domains can attract traffic. I would agree Google is directing traffic to an extent which makes it harder to make profit.

  4. Most of these “sales” never actually closed and no money changed hands. The buyers offer was accepted but many times the buyer never paid the sales price. The transaction was reported as a sale to keep domain prices artficially pumped up. I’ve been selling domains for over 20 years including StarBand.Com to MicroSoft, etc. Its much easier to buy a domain name than sell one. I just sold vitiva.com and Shangri-LaBeer.com for good money.😎

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