VPN.com donates 9/11 hero’s domain name

Today marks the 18th anniversary of September 11, 2001 and VPN.com is remembering the day by donating the domain name ToddBeamer.com to his family.

The domain was registered 6 months ago.

“Todd Beamer is an American hero who gave his life to protect others as a civilian passenger on flight United 93.”

“We are so happy to contribute this exact-match personal domain to Todd’s vision, his family and legacy in this way. September 11th was a day where more than 3,000 American families experienced the loss of a loved one. To help the Beamer family and an American hero like Todd is very humbling,” said Michael Gargiulo, CEO at VPN.

“The United Airlines Boeing 757–222 aircraft was piloted by Captain Jason Dahl and First Officer LeRoy Homer Jr. Todd Beamer was 1 of 40 Americans who rushed the cockpit on flight United 93 to interfere with the hijackers who obtained control from the pilots shortly after take off at 8:42am ET from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco, California.”

“Many experts believe the hijacked plane was headed to the White House or Camp David. Todd and his split-second vision, changed the way we will forever remember that day. He and these other heroes saved countless American lives and they were able to stop the only plane, of the four that were hijacked, from completing their mission,” Gargiulo said.

“Todd was survived by Lisa and three children. Lisa went on to write a beautiful reflection of her husband’s actions and courage throughout his life. She named the book after the last words Todd spoke to Lisa Jefferson while in flight, “let’s roll.” Lisa was an operator for Verizon Airfone which provided the inseat telephone service for United 93.”

To support Todd, his family and his vision, please get Lisa’s inspiring book “Let’s Roll!: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage” at: ToddBeamer.com

To learn more about Todd Beamer please visit: http://old.post-gazette.com/headlines/20011028flt93beamerbiop8.asp

To visit the National Memorial of Flight 93 in Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania please visit: https://www.nps.gov/flni/index.htm


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  1. Great story! Love to see companies doing the right thing.

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  3. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment, Konstantinos. Have a great weekend!

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