DomainAgents Compensates Domain Owners Or Donates to Charity For Engaging With Negotiations

DomainAgents compensates domain owners for engaging with negotiations. When you enter into active negotiations, on completion, you receive a promotional credit that may be redeemed for your choice of one of the following:

  • A free DomainAgents credit worth $49.95 – Allowing you to make an offer on a domain name you are interested in purchasing.
  • $10 usd paid via Paypal – Simple cash payment.
  • Or you may request that DomainAgents donate $10 to a selected charity of your choice. – Selected charities are, Oxfam or The Red Cross.

To qualify for the DomainAgents payout you must engage in negotiations with the potential buyer. This is defined as providing the buyer a price at which you will sell your name. Simply viewing an offer does not qualify you to receive a payout.

If you did not enter into live negotiations and simply declined the offer, you will receive a charity credit allowing you to select a charity for DomainAgents to donate $10 to.


About a month back I wrote about an anonymous offer I got through DomainAgents for one of my domains. The “buyer” wasn’t all that serious so the negotiations didn’t end with a sale. After negotiations ended I received an email from DomainAgents asking me to choose what I wanted to do with my credit. I chose

Charity payments by DomainAgents are made annually. I would like to know if the end of the year how much money were donated…


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