3 weeks without replying to domain inquiries

It has been 3 weeks since I last replied to domain inquiries and I feel fine!

During the year I reply to all domain inquiries within 24 hours. It doesn’t matter if it is a weekend or a holiday.

But this August I took some time off. And I took some time off from domain inquiries that is really time consuming if you have a few thousand domains. It felt like 2 weeks but when I looked today I realized I had not replied to a single inquiry since August 13. That is exactly 3 weeks and one day.

I will now try to catch up with the hundreds of inquiries. There are a couple of buyers that really seem anxious to buy my domains… But of course that is a lot of junk inquiries in there too.

Some may wonder why I don’t give my domains to a broker to handle. Well, I don’t trust my domains with anyone as no one knows them better than me. And having a broker handle my domains and asking my for a quote every time he/she gets an inquiry seems like a waste of time. I can do it myself and save some time. And I know a dead-end inquiry the second I see it so I don’t send quotes to most of my inquiries.

Is it possible that I lost a sale? Yes, it might be. There are some impulse buyers out there or a company has a certain time frame to decide on the its brand. But is it possible that I could get a bit higher prices on a couple of domains cause I seemed indifferent. That is possible too.

Anyway, while I was still writing for this blog I took some time off from almost everything else. I didn’t do any web development, a digital marketing project I have was not running in August so I was off social media and Google ads, and I generally tried to stay away from work as much as possible. Running a business means you can’t completely go off the grid…

I spent a lot of time with family, going swimming and relaxing at the beach and going out for drinks or food.

The other thing that I did in August is keep watching the expired auctions although my searching and bidding was not as intensive as the rest of the year. I bought very few domains in August. I bought only 7 domains, 6 in auctions and 1 in the aftermarket for the name of my new company.

Of course it is not like I didn’t try to buy a few more domains. I liked accessibility.com to go with my functionality.com but it ended up at $52,200 at GoDaddy auctions. I could have paid $15k or even $20k… BTW I don’t know who bought the domain as it has whois privacy and the generic Godaddy lander.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Not all inquiries need to be responded.

    There is more to life than this “BullS” bs domain hobby.

  2. Good for you, so many buyers expect instant service, yet are willing to pay nothing. Very nice you were just able to stay away, not many of can do that.

  3. stop lying to people…talking about u got hundreds of inquiries with few thousand domains…liar

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      1117 emails in 22 days with inquiries coming from Efty. Some are duplicate emails. Most are from people that don’t know they are inquiring. I said so in the post that most inquiries are junk.
      There are also a few inquiries by email, from Godaddy, parking crew, etc.
      F*ck you. I am not lying. Apologize or get lost.

    • You seem to be making no sense as there is no logic for lying here. I totally agree that Konstantinos be receiving hundreds of inquiries in these 3 weeks period. I myself get hundreds of inquiries in entire 30 days period. If you think it’s unusual, then you must be having crappy domains altogether.

      • So Abdul, as ‘hundreds’ applies to multiples of, you’re saying you get 2-300+ inquiries every month?? Wow, you must have a portfolio that puts even Frank Shilling to shame. Or…….

  4. Hello, I really liked your article. If would be very helpful if you can give some hints on what to answer when domain inquiries arrived. Also, what to answer when receiving infringement emails from companies/brand agencies/lawyers.

  5. @Kevin

    I currently have 3,200 domains in my portfolio and receive over 300 inquiries every month. It’s obvious that those inquiries include mostly non seriousness and many looking out for something else other than buying domain. So altogether the counting is +300. Also if you’re interested in looking out my portfolio, check out some of those at my blog under “Domain Investments” which will give you better idea about my portfolio.

    I don’t compare my portfolio with any others. I hope it clarifies your doubt now.

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