Funniest domain name “inquiries” of the week!

I have decided to start documenting and posting every week the domain name “inquiries” and the messages that come with them.

Well actually these are not really domain name inquiries. These are people that are obviously confused as to what website they ended up with. They think it is the website of a company or something that they are searching for when it fact it obviously isn’t!

They arrive on landing page with a simple contact form on it or they click on a “Contact Us” link and then get to a contact form. And then the fun begins!

I really doubt sometimes at the level of computer and internet literacy even in 2018…

Here are the top comments on my domain name “inquiries” from the past week:

  • i want to visit your web site..
  • i have lost my phone on holiday. i need a reference number to be able to claim on my insurance.
  • looking to get my birth cirtificate
  • i m human being
  • I bought a sweater jacket the other day from a sale in Greeley the Stampede area. Anyway mine didn’t fit but I gave it to my granddaughter because it was to small. Can I get another at that price here please but bigger?? Sincerely Lori
  • My son Gabe (17) is there w friends Dylan and Gavin and tbis is me giving him permission to jump tonight Saturday Oct 13 2018

My replies would be “Already here!”, “#1”, “Go get it”, “Me too”, “Sure you can”, “Jump!”… 🙂

I don’t usually reply to these unless it is something about a bad credit card charge that I obviously don’t know anything about as I don’t provide any services or sell any goods on these pages.

Oh and I don’t reply to inquiries with comments like “hello”, “hi”, “Plz call me”, “I like it”, “I need”, “hey, how are u”, etc.

Do you get similar comments? Please share!


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Yes. I also get $35,000 offers from someone with a name that is clearly from an older generation thinking they are buying an assisted living unit or something, and the occasional third world person making ‘1,000,000,000’ offers in their local currency — usually Indonesia, Bangladesh, or an African country. I’ve had several buy-it-now transactions not conclude because the person was clearly confused about what they were agreeing to buy.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      I only have one domain with BIN (as a test) and I already have 3 cancelled transactions. Imagine what it would be like having 5,000 domains like that…

  2. The page clearly says contact if you want to buy the domain yet I get stuff like this daily

    I would like to see Rodney relax on a chair if he chooses to rest his legs. Sitting in a the car in the sun is not an option that the bank is offering. By the time he needs to react to a situation or threat if he chose to sit in his car would impact terrible timing. He never chooses to sit in his car while guarding the Bank of America in Carson.

  3. personally, I don’t think any of these are “funny”

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