No Domain Inquiries Are Showing In Accounts

dns_brokersAfter the weekend maintenance came back with some glitches. I wrote how the weekend inquiries were missing from my inbox and I could only access them from the link in the email alert I receive.

There were also some problems with some of the domain inquiry dates that made some old inquiries come up to the top and show up as new. And there were some problems with the duplicate emails being sent and some missing emails.

Today I went into my DNS account and all the domain name inquiries are gone. I can’t access either new or old inquiries.


Other users have reported that the same is happening with their accounts too.

Jeffrey Gabriel, Vice President of Sales, made a comment yesterday and said that “The maintenance is still ongoing behind the scenes, and you will still experience some glitches along the way. “.

But I think this has gone beyond a glitch. This is a full blown serious problem.

Jeffrey Gabriel also said that “The good news is all of the mission critical features are working. The even better news is this is a small price to pay with what is to come in the very near future.”

Seeing inquiries and responding to them is a mission critical feature for most DNS users. This needs to be fixed ASAP and without leaving a mess behind. And with thanksgiving weekend coming that seems a bit difficult.

A reader also complained that he tried 4 times to purchase a domain name at Uniregistry and the order failed so he went at GoDaddy and bought the domain.

I am still receiving emails about new inquiries and can access them through the link inside the email.

Update: Inquiries are now again in my account. Not sure if all is there yet.


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  1. Aha so it’s not just me then.

    I couldn’t believe it when i looked at my account today and saw everything wiped away like you have experienced.

    I am going to allow DNS the opportunity to resolve this fast before writing anything too strong, but suffice to say i’m not too happy to see this and hope it is fixed quickly.

    Do we know if they are still collecting new leads right now, or is everything down at present and no one knows?

  2. Very frustrating indeed.
    In my account reports I’m seeing two domains received inquiries with the month of Nov.
    I never recieveD notifications of these inquiries and when I search for these within my account on the platform I see nothing.
    So I’m keen to know a) whether the inquiries actually happened or if there are historic ones and b) if they are real, where have they gone.

    As the guy above says, at this stage I’m happy to patiently await a response to my support ticket or a general statement as to what’s going on.

  3. It seems the issue is resolved now at my end. All inquiries in Inbox and in other tabs showing as of now.

  4. It is now working from my side…Good to see it is back..

    hope everything goes fine from now onwards.

  5. Mine previous inquiries are showing but I did a test inquiry on one of my names and after submitting an inquiry a page came up saying that a domain broker named Mohammed would get back to me with a quote. The next day I had an email (in my real inbox) from Mohammed asking for a quote. No sign of the inquiry in my control panel.

    When I go in to edit the domain there is a section for “exclusive broker” and the name is set to “None”. There are options for changing that to myself or, I switched a different name to myself as the exclusive broker and tried submitting another inquiry again it doesn’t show up in my account and a page saying that Mohammed will be in touch comes up.

    I’m going to move most of what I have left at DNS over to ParkingCrew over the next couple of days.

  6. Only glitch I’m seeing now is that all “Responded” inquiries got a timestamp of 11/21/2015 regardless of age.

  7. Another glitch pertains to the inquiry totals column in the report. If you run a report for a given time frame the inquiry totals represent “lifetime” inquiries and not for that specific time period.

  8. I wonder how parking revenues will be affected this month.

  9. Everything seems fine now. Cool.

  10. Anyone having issues recording sold domains, I get some weird coding error?

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