sells for 50,000 Euro (plus 22 more .uk sales)

.uk domains

The domain name sold on Friday for 50,000 Euro or $55,308 USD.

The domain was sold in an auction at and the buyer is

There have been a few more notable .uk auctions this past week like, and

All these auctions come from the pool of 41,459 domains that were registered from the 1,793,701 unclaimed .uk domains.

Here are all the .uk domain name sales I was able to gather from the past few days:

Domain Name Price Currency Date Venue 200 GBP 10/7/2019 Domain Lore 350 GBP 10/7/2019 Domain Lore 578 GBP 10/7/2019 Domain Lore 250 GBP 10/7/2019 Domain Lore 550 GBP 11/7/2019 Domain Lore 900 GBP 11/7/2019 Domain Lore 801 GBP 11/7/2019 Domain Lore 5255 GBP 11/7/2019 Domain Lore 4050 GBP 11/7/2019 Domain Lore 50000 Euro 12/7/2019 160 GBP 12/7/2019 Domain Lore 6800 GBP 12/7/2019 Domain Lore 20250 GBP 12/7/2019 Domain Lore 1155 GBP 12/7/2019 Domain Lore 130 GBP 12/7/2019 Domain Lore 4900 GBP 12/7/2019 Domain Lore 100 GBP 13/7/2019 Domain Lore 4150 GBP 13/7/2019 Domain Lore 160 GBP 13/7/2019 Domain Lore 900 GBP 14/7/2019 Domain Lore 4201 GBP 15/7/2019 Domain Lore 370 GBP 15/7/2019 Domain Lore 2101 GBP 15/7/2019

(Most sales were found at the Acorn Domains domain name forum.)


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