Sedo Had Another 7-Figure Sale We Will Never Know

I am sure that this week Sedo had a 7-figure domain sale that was kept private. Usually Sedo has about a million worth of sales every week. Last week Sedo sold for $1.2m and made it to $2.3m worth of sales.

This week Sedo sold $2.4m worth of domains and the total number of domains is less than last week. Last week Sedo sold 614 domains while this week it was 564 domains. The highest selling domain name this week was for $75,000. This and the rest of the public domain name sales can’t justify the total $2.4m sales.

So Sedo must have sold another 7-figure domain or multiple 6-figure domains to make it to $2.4m. But I guess this is going to be another sale we will never know.

Was this another one of these 2-letter .com domains that sell for 7-figures lately or was it a numeric domain?


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Konstantinos studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London and lives in Athens, Greece. He works on domain names, websites and software development. Has been online since 1995 & domaining since 2002.

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