Sedo brokers sale of for $450,000

Today, Sedo’s broker Dave Evanson brokered for $450,000. Congratulations to the seller and the buyer! The domain was registered in 2000.

The domain still features a developed website that promises to match people to jobs. It appear that has been operating since 2008 as a fully developed website. was sold for $600,000 in 2008. Ogopogo Media purchased the domain from Domed Technologies Inc. The domain was transferred from Ogopogo Media to A Net Boulevard Inc. Property by the owner Shaun  Pilfold that just sold the domain for $450,000 taking a loss.

Net Boulevard Inc. still has a lot of job related domain names. It plans to open a lot of job related websites in 2014 like:,,,,, and

Please note that this sale is not included in today’s Sedo sales list of the past week. It will appear in next week’s sales list.


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  1. fyi — for more info you might want to follow up with Shaun Pilfold as I recall he owned — and you can see this on his linkedin profile, link here:

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