Sedo offers domains for sale while trying to disguise an adult domain

Sedo offers a few premium names exclusively for sale. You see the domains when you log in to Sedo. Here are the domains with Sedo’s pitch next to them and with some related sales. – Ideal for a webinar business or similar was sold less than 2 months ago at namejet. redirects to a meeting software company at $15,166 2012 $3,000 2011 $11,570 2008 – A great keyword name for SEO purposes or for a developed site $1,560 2012 (I was bidding on this one…) $5,050 2012 (short and product-oriented) redirects to Calvin Klein Underwear at (US moms have about $1.2 Trillion to spend) is run by CafeMom, a website website for moms. $2,000 2011 (for important issues, such as breast cancer)
What exactly does than mean? Do they mean that they will not sell to someone that plans to use it for an adult oriented website or do they try to disguise an adult domain sale? I would think the later. was sold in 2007 and now naturally hosts an adult oriented website. I don’t think that no one will buy this domain “for important issues”. $80,000 2007 Moniker $5,100 2011 $1,200 2011

I am in no way affiliated with Sedo or the sellers.


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