sells for $632 at a Namejet auction – Will it be listed for sale at Sedo?

Last week I wrote of being expired and that a Namejet auction was coming soon. This was an expired domain that was registered at Enom so it went into a 3 day auction at Namejet. Did I bring more attention to this auction? Probably so.

There were 29 bidders in the Namejet auction that ended today and the winner ended up winning the auction with a high bid of $632. There were 3 bidders that made a bid of $600 or more.

The domain was owned by Sedo GmbH up until last year. It went into “Reactivation Period” last year, meaning it expired. Then it went behind Whois Privacy. I am not sure who owned the domain for the past year. I contacted Sedo to inform them that the domain was expired, so they could renew it if it was still theirs.

Let’s see if the buyer lists at Sedo. Sedo has filters and does not allow certain trademark or offensive domains to be listed in it’s database. Will be allowed in?

Did the buyer made a mistake buying this domain? I know that Sedo is a last name but if you are doing business with it is not ethically correct buying their expired domains.


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