private Namejet auction ended at $1,018 – Namejet loses $1,094

A few days back Namejet started a private auction for the domain name because the winning bidder didn’t pay for the domain. The Private Auction ended at $1,018 that means that Namejet lost $1,094 compared to the original auction that ended at $2,112. Private auctions (because of non-paying bidders) almost always end up lower than the original auctions and that is why auction houses ban these users immediately. In this case another factor could be that the auction was ending on New Year’s Day, so the buyer got a good deal.

The domain dropped on the 28th of November and it was caught by Namejet. The winning bidder didn’t pay the auction top bid that was $2,112. The auction that needed on the 1st of December had 6 bidders with a $1,000 bid or higher and 158 bids from 137 bidders. The non-paying bidder had 28 days to make payment but failed to pay. All bidders from the previous auction for this domain were entered in a private auction that ended after 3 days.


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  1. Lots of issues with ghost bidders at namejet, homersimpson, and bartsimpson bidding in the same auction, lots of non payers, imagine all the non payers who come in runner up, that have no intention of paying

  2. Nice name, but it seems that it dropped at least twice, losing its original registration date of 1998.

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