What was the purchase price of the domain Dan.com?

Read here how much Undeveloped paid to purchase their new domain name and brand Dan.com.

A few days back I asked Reza Sardeha, CEO of DAN.COM, 10 questions.

But I also asked him a bonus question that you can see here:

You bought DAN.com from someone named Dan. How much did you pay for the domain name?

Answer: We paid $190k for the name and are grateful Dan sold the name to us. He owned it for a very long time.

(The domain Dan.com was registered in 1994.)


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  1. I wonder if the previous registrant used something like dan (at) dan (dot) com for email and, if so, whether the new registrant is graciously forwarding it on while he switches everything over to another email address he controls. If I sold a domain name I’d used personally for email I’d want some time to switchover from the old email address.

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