Stop bidding on crazy GoDaddy domain name auctions!

Stop bidding on crazy GoDaddy domain name auctions!

If you see the auction price going up and down it should be an indication that something is very wrong! So stop bidding!

I don’t understand how people don’t get it by now! Are these people bidding plain idiots?

It had happened a few times before but it seems that some numeric domain auctions this October has made the problem pretty obvious. It is not a one time every few months thing anymore. It is ongoing, persisting and consistent.

I guess it is pretty easy to create a GoDaddy auctions account and start bidding like crazy without any sort of verification.

The auction for went up and down several times yet people kept bidding. This was no auction this was a farce.

This is no way to conduct an auction. If you have 10 illegitimate bidders then you damn stop the auction! But yes, I know… GoDaddy’s ridiculous system does not allow such a thing.

Yesterday it happened again with

Raymond wrote: “ was at $25,000, GoDaddy walked back a bunch of what I would guess were bad bids, the name was at $1,570 and climbed back to $16,100.”

This is absolutely ridiculous and I am sure there are quite more auctions with this sort of behavior. Many go unnoticed or people just don’t report these publicly.

Instead of GoDaddy building better auction safeguards there are running around deleting bids.

Is GoDaddy deleting all bad bids? Probably not!

Is GoDaddy deleting good bids too by accident? This is possible too.

Of course the GoDaddy auctions problems are never ending and very deeply installed in their flawed system. The problems have been there for many years and are not going away any time soon.

The only short-term solution is to stop bidders from behaving like morons and make them think and protect themselves. Be careful and think before you bid!

Of course people should also be careful on other domain auction houses as well such as: Namejet, Flippa, Snapnames, Dropcatch, Sedo, etc.

Now please read this to see how bids can also be removed after the auction closure and it is not always the bidder’s fault: GoDaddy domain auctions and payments – Let’s set the record straight…


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  1. Oh man if anyone ever started a class action I am
    Pretty sure I would get a low 6 figure claim.

    These are just the auctions that are known, what about other auctions that these people bid on, and have closed, and been paid for. They never get adjusted, they just stay quiet, and look the other way.

    To this day, they have never given one good answer to why bidder ids are not shown. I know it makes them more money, but enough is enough.

    Class action lawsuit please!

  2. Seems like its always domains that bidders from Asian countries are attracted to.

  3. There should be an identity verification process for auctions accounts if they wish to bid over a certain limit. Like Also should have to link a bank account.

    • They say they have an internal check in place for $1500, but sure doesn’t seem that way. The less regulation in place, the greater chance other bidders will be fleeced, but in the end the overall marketplace makes the most money with the least amount of rules in place.

      There is still people defaulting on bids, I have had several second change offers in the past few months, many in the low 4 figure amounts, so people are bidding with money they don’t have.

      I would say accounts that have been in good standing for 5+ years get auto acceptance, everyone else get verified, but if they can’t even show usernames why would they take these extra steps, they lose, makes no sense?

  4. Another great post by K. The entire industry has become more than shitty because mostly of those accredited registrars behaviors like GoDaddy, who by the way, i have a lawsuit against them and a few others. You are all invited to visit my site

  5. The auctions aren’t crazy, the bidders are 🙂

  6. At NameJet some people are even trying to sell domains they don’t own or for which they have no authorization from owner …
    A few weeks ago a guy from a company called Domain Agency tried to sell … which is a well-known lawyers directory … they quickly removed it after someone questioned that domain listing …
    Same with other names … no control on listed names from NJ????

    And NetSol is stuffing client’s accounts with unwanted .site domains, another shitty new gTLD, with no authorization whatsoever …

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