A new Efty is coming soon

Efty just released in a tweet a sneak preview of the new Efty that is coming soon.

You can see a few of the new features and the control panel is a short video:

A couple of weeks back Efty introduced a new bulk import and update tool for large portfolio holders.

The new tool was built from the ground up, allowing you to both add domains or make changes to (parts of) your portfolio directly from your favorite spreadsheet software, in one go, saving you  time whether your portfolio has a few domains or thousands.

Efty said that this new tool was also an important step towards getting the Efty platform geared up to start servicing large enterprise portfolios – a much-requested feature since Efty was launched.

A detailed tutorial on how to use the new tool can be found here and a list of all the definitions to be used in the CSV can be found here.


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  1. Wow. #TheNewEfty looks a lot like #DomainMarketPro.

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