Here are the first 10 domain name appraisals from Mike Mann and

Here are the first 10 domain name appraisals from Mike Mann and

The average price of the 10 appraisals was $340,062. The lowest price was $68,221 and the highest price was $1,261,555. $246,555 (read here a few comments on the price) $273,221 $68,221 $206,555 $73,221 $219,888 $79,888 $1,261,555 $73,221 $898,296

The appraisals were all shared by Mike Mann on social media.


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  1. From an end-user pricing perspective, I think most make sense. But not sure about RegentStreet as that’s very limited market. And Racism, what type of business could you build on that domain?

  2. These are a statement of value, i.e. appraisals. Regardless of what you purchase the property for, or who purchases it, the value is absolute. In buying real estate, or anything, under valued assets are the target by any investor. On average I have sold over 20 domains at 15 times Estibot valuations. Market size and brand recognition are key to higher values and the question I ask when buy a domain is what would you sell at this destination.

    I agree with Steve B on value is high, but I think should be twice that.

  3. In my humble opinion after having paid $ 88 for each appraisal and having achieved such a spectacular result, I think Racism .com already compensates your appraisal with your biggest request for

  4. I am actually able to confirm that those are good domains.

  5. I am also able to confirm that it was a big mistake to have them (supposedly/allegedly) “appraised.”

  6. If you feel the need to pay to have your domain name appraised, you’re doing this domain investing thing wrong.

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