Here is one of the first $88 domain name appraisals from Mike Mann

This is one of the first domain name appraisals from Mike Mann’s Appraisals cost $88 for each domain name and the final price is the average price from 3 appraisers.

The domain name was appraised for $246,555.

This is how the domain name appraisal certificate looks like:

The certificate is signed by Michael Mann and Boyd Norwood and doesnt say who the 3 appraisers were.

The certificate gives what it calls a fair market value: “This certificate reflects our assessment of the current fair market value of the domain name as of the date hereof based on the average of estimated values from three top professional domain name appraisers who evaluated the domain name for this purpose.”

According to Mike Mann the hash key show on the certificate links the appraisal to his database and “will be put in blockchain later”.

The domain was registered in 1997.

When asked on Facebook about the high price Mike said “this is why we use an average of professionals, there is no correct answer, but that is the best we can do” and that “the issue is that the street is not in US or it would be worth more“.

In my opinion the price is on the high side. In case you don’t know Regent is a street in central London, UK. It is in a commercial area with very expensive shops on both sides of the street. The only problem is that the street is not that long, like Oxford street, and that I am not sure who the buyer for this domain name can be. Especially for his price.


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  1. Very optimistic on the price. If this is an indication of how they price domains, doesn’t look good. Good for the seller maybe, but many in the business will see it as a joke.

  2. Ask them if they’ll pay the domain name owner 50% of their appraised amount for the domain name, given they claim it is an “accurate” one….Or ask them to make their best offer, and compare it to their appraised value.

  3. Why do you need a hash tag to add this to ‘blockchain’ Isn’t the domain name itself a unique identifier?

  4. If thats a fair market price, Mike should guarantee to buy the domain for %10 or %20 of that price,at least. That will make sense to me then. else, it is a joke that will hypnotise the seller, make him dream and waste time.

  5. would be good if the appraisal came with a “It is appraised at this and we will buy it from you for $……..”

    if the appraisal company will not make a buy now offer, they should refund a portion of the $88.

  6. The domain name would be a brand and not a geo location if in use, I don’t think you can expect an appraisal service to buy each name they appraise. Would I use a service like this, no

    • yes you are rgiht but if you are charging $88 and pretending to be the domain king you should do something extra.

      That appraisals can cost sellers real deals and waste 10 years.

  7. Crazy pricing.
    If I owned that domain I would sell it for 25k all day every day and consider offers around 10k ish.
    It is a good domain but with 25k I could buy 5 domains that would be equally good from the reseller/expiry market.

  8. Looks undervalued to me.

    I appraise the domain at $246,556

  9. 88.00 Domain appraisal, waste of money and I for one cannot see ANYONE buying this name for anywhere near that. You could buy a 3 letter or 10 other domains at 20k each and get more value… This service is a fail for me..If he offered it free for the first 10 appraisals or even 5, you could get a sense of values in your portfolio. But I cannot imagine spending 880.00 for 10 domains when you could go buy another decent name for the 880.00 that may end up being a home run. Mann has done that several times over.

  10. AccurateAppraisals is the hunting ground of MIKE and this post is a covert publicity. I sent PANE GLASS. COM to be appraised when they were in beta period and did not evaluate it because the beta period ended (in a few hours)

  11. Heck I sell all our names under a grand, feels easier to sleep at night.

  12. GreatDomain I would give it that value on condition if wsused as ecommerce domain listinglocal highstreet brands for area. is a fantastic brand domain for shopping in London. then if you add the amout hotel bookings, tours, ect this would do the domain easily earn that in year.

    Its a total hyperlocal listed domain for London Shopping to grade this you really have to Know London Domains. Top Brand Domain worth every penny if its done correct.

    • Correct, Tommy. I worked on Regent Street for three years, above a mega-brand jewellery store, Mappin & Webb. A local retailers’ association would have no trouble raising the cash for this domain. Regent Street is full of non-competing luxury outlets.

  13. I am with Abdul Basit here. It was a waste of money, considering no one would buy a name for that price with such a small area or niche to cover.

    Well, on the other hand – “Regent Street” could be a great name for a fashion label and they might want to spend that money. The name is actually very powerful.

    I guess that you can put a price on it together with a “Make an offer”-button and see where it will go.

    – Jan

  14. Don’t lose your mind; this appraisal looks scary. Not a fan of any appraisal at all. ?

  15. This appraisal is a complete scam. Price for racism is 273k and SouthernCalifornia more than 1 million.
    Rascism has more value than SouthernCalifornia in the real world.
    It would be interesting know how they appraise these names.

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