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.CLUB to release 380 domains tomorrow (,, etc.)

.CLUB will be releasing 380 domains tomorrow, October 11, at 1500 UTC (11:00 EST), through the registrar channel.

The domain names are predominantly LL and NN names such,,,,,,, and more.

The highest registrar pricing tier has a suggested retail price of $10,000. All domains have a standard low renewal fee.

Jeff Sass, CMO of .Club, said:

“We always want to ensure our registrars have great, high-value, high-demand inventory of our premium names, so we are adding some of our best premium names to be available through our registrars at the $10k tier.”

Here is the complete list:


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  1. There is not much money to be made on the speculation side for investors anymore, the buzz is just not there anymore.

  2. Wouldnt register any of those for $8

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