Whoisology is adding new features

Whoisology is adding a few new features apart from continuing to update its domain name whois data. Whoisology now has over a billion domain name whois records.

The biggest addition is the long-requested bulk whois report. They have also added filters, charts and a few other tricks to your search results.

Bulk Whois lets you download the whois details of up to 5000 domains at once. You can download from the current archive or any of our past archives going back to 2012.  The domain and email reports start at $5 per 1000 domains. Premium Members get reports at a discounted rate.

You can now filter search results by both the Top Level Domain and the first letter of the domain.  So for example, you could see all of the .net domains registered to the name “DNS Admin” that start with the letter “D”.  You can see an example here.  This gives you an easy way to drill down large results pages and find the information you are looking for.  This feature is available for all users.

Whoisology has also added charts to search results so you can see trends in the search results over time. For example, has an owner been adding to their portfolio or is it shrinking over time? The charts allow you offer valuable insights at a glance.

If you’re a premium member, you’ll find an additional tool: The Association Graph.  Want to know the most common email address associated with a search result? Or the least common phone number? The Association Graph tool allows registered members to filter results in a new way. You’ll see the tool on the left hand side of search results.


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