Whoisology – A Free Domain Name Whois Research Tool

Whoisology, offered by Domain Agents, is a free whois tool. Whoisology is a general interest / research tool that is based on whois data. You search whois records using any field you want such as name, email, address, phone number, registrar and nameservers.

Per their own disclaimer “Not all domain extensions are included and not all included extensions are completely indexed.”.

Domain Agents are in the process of rolling out a major update to

their domain name ownership research tool, Whoisology.com.

Live now on the site are archived whois records from the previous update and they are adding three more archives to their database that will go back more than a year. As they go forward, every quarter they will be archiving the live database. Giving you more and more data to dig into.

What you will soon have access to is a quarterly snapshot of domain name ownership records that are stitched together and searchable within a specific time frame or across the entire archive. Finding connections between domains, past and present, will be easier than ever.

They will also be adding features that let you compare search results, so you can see what names have been added or deleted by the associated email, name, address, phone number, and more.

What features would you like to see on Whoisology? Let them know how you’re using the site and what could make it better.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. i hate whoisology and similar services. ipaddressden.com this is scam too.

    • Hate is a strong word for a free service… Why do you hate it?

      • My guess would be that services like these are known for holding your information ransom and charging you fees to remove your old information which may no longer be on your domain’s current WHOIS data.

        I operate my own domain whois service which is free to use, but I do not cache or store any information. Only live lookups at http://gwhois.org/ 🙂

      • Hi Israel,

        We’re not a live whois lookup site, live whois will be added shortly for some users but isn’t anywhere near the main focus of Whoisology.

        We don’t take down information, but on the bright side we don’t charge fees to take down information either.

      • NotHappyWithWhoisologyPolicies

        Hello Phil,

        I am one of the persons who are being affected by your website (Whoisology).

        If you read the comments on this page, you will see that persons are being affected. Some persons like myself used their personal details: home address, personal phone number etc to sign up for a domain.

        The truth is, some persons are not aware at the time of registration that their information is cached from the whois database.

        And many after realising, update to the privacy service, then manually request that their information be taken down from other websites.

        I cannot imagine why any website would refuse to take down someone’s name, personal home office and telephone especially after their information is updated in whois. That is simply not fair.

        Some persons are no longer connected to a website and a simple search shows that they are.

        Please… you need to add a feature so that records can be updated and removed. Some persons are really pissed off about it. The only persons who are fine with it are people who have their privay protected from the start.

        Imagine if you were one of us… and had your home address and phone number advertising to everyone in the world. With your family and children involved, would you not be concerned about your privacy?

        I am actually asking you please to implement this feature so that persons can have their details removed (if they choose to). I think it is fair. No one would ever want their home address all over the internet. And what if you did at one point, like years ago and then matured (had, children etc), your views change and hence your behaviour changes.

        It’s very unfair especially after getting the domain private later.

        I look forward to hearing from you.

      • Whoisology to show domains which I don’t own.

      • Hi RU,

        The amount of data is massive. We currently update quarterly. For example the update that is processing now is using data acquired over the the last 3 months.

        In the next release we’re going to make the messaging on site a bit clearer to help avoid potential confusion over if the data is live or not.

      • Thanks Phil. That would be good.

      • Still not released. I need delete/update 1 domain. How do I update?

      • Agreed! hate this too . .Because these idiots have no consideration for others privacy or personal information. Every other whois site on the net offers the option to remove archived information if the url is currently switched to private. It’s websites like whoisology that have zero idea what customer service means.

        And from the sound of you defending this site you’re probably one of them. It’s people like this and google that think they’re offering a superior service when your actually offering a superior invasion of personal info.

      • “Every other whois site on the net offers the option to remove archived information if the url is currently switched to private.”
        No they don’t! Let me know which ones you found.

        Read the domain name registration agreement. Your info is PUBLIC.
        Either use a privacy service or don’t register a domain.
        If you have a problem with that take it to ICANN.

      • Hello. http://www.statsinfinity.com/ they remove archived information because they are decent. Whoisology publish even PRIVATE data!

      • Not sure what tou mean private. They publish public whois info.

  2. I am getting harassed right now because of this “free information” you are posting up. I rid of my website back in May because of your other site, take my info down now, you guys are ruining my life!

  3. Konstantinos Zournas what is your home address and mobile number?
    You publish mine – will you publish your own?

    • You are a bit confused. I don’t own whoisology.com.

      And BTW your details are already on domain name whois. If you don’t want them published don’t put them there.

      • Whoisology victims

        The same question still applies to you since you are promoting their service. What if they published your home address and mobile number? Do you have family and kids that you want to protect? Would you still promote their services if it was your privacy info got published on their website?

        It’s easy just to say “If you don’t want them published don’t put them there”. Don’t you ever make any mistake in your life? All the other websites allow people to remove their record and most of them did in 24 hours, but not whoisology. What does that tell you?

      • NotHappyWithWhoisologyPolicies

        The problem is not that they publish the information. If the data is readily available from the whois records and is already public, I see it fit for them to publish it if they want because the information is already public anyway.

        The PROBLEM is, after Whoisology publishes the data, they do not want to remove it. That I think is very unfair and the safety and well-being of people and their families are not taken into account.

        If the data has been updated in whois and is private, then that information should be private on Whoisology as well.

        I am sure you would agree. Please encourage Phil to put this feature on the website immediately so that people can have a peace of mind.

  4. Whoisology.com is crap!! Don’t purchase this service. They have my email address listed in Google search indicating I’m the owner of a website I never heard of. They also listed my full name and address! ! This is bullshit and I will be contacting an attorney

  5. How to Change/Update my info in WHOISOLOGY.

  6. Some of detail against a domain are incorrect. I was never the owner of domain but it showed that I was owner. Its really bad.

  7. They are reading it. Who do you think Phil M is?

    DomainAgents.com owns/runs whoisology (first line”Whoisology, offered by Domain Agents”). DomainAgents.com is DomainAgents Platform Inc. (Corporate Company in Canada).

    Who are the Company directors?

  8. Please do not be praising WHOISOLOGY! They do not have a fair business practice inasmuch as they will not do the decent thing and update/mask/change harmful information they may have found and published. I have someone stalking me. Could be dangerous. He knows my email. Now I find out all he has to do is input my email to google and Voila! Up comes my full address, name, etc. on WHOISOLOGY! –all because whoisology picked up these personal details from a domain I registered. EVERY other site blocked and updated my info when I purchased a proxy domain–EXCEPT whoisology –who REFUSE to remove or update with the proxy. So, now I could be physically harmed — the stalker can easily find my home—all because whoisology won’t remove or mask my address etc. I propose a class action suit or a letter to the attorney general.

    • This is not about praising WHOISOLOGY. They offer a service. Few people don’t like it.
      I am not sure what their policy for removing whois data is. Have they replied to you?

      But you should know that you have agreed to the domain name registration agreement that the whois data will be public.
      And you should also know that there are several online services (and many individuals) that collect and archive whois data.

      • Thank you for your reply. Yes, I already know all that you have mentioned. Yes, I know there are other online services that archive whois data, to be sure, but THEY, for the most part, ARE responsive to proxy masking of home address etc., whoisology is NOT! They did reply to me and it is also common knowledge that they will not comply nor update history as per proxy once they already have your name. I feel a bit like you aren’t quite understanding other people’s problems with this, when you say “You have agreed to the registration agreement.” C’mon, most people don’t read the fine print, don’t realize the full implication of it that your address will be SO VERY accessible, and don’t know there is an alternative to agreeing, and, as in my case, sometimes people don’t foresee what trouble could arise from having their address published–with such easy to access cross references! There should be a way to remedy this.


        Their policy as stated on their website: Please note that we do not remove records from either the live or historical archives.

        Don’t you find that strange?

        It’s like telling someone that their names cannot be changed after birth because that’s the name they were given previously.

        Seriously? A feature needs to be included to UPDATE OR REMOVE ones personal information.

        More and more people are complaining and it is only getting worst.

        What are your thoughts?

      • NotHappyWithWhoisologyPolicies

        You mentioned on another post after selling a website that:

        “I always try to follow up and ask all buyers to update whois details. If you don’t you could open the doors to various legal problems in an event that the domain name is used illegally”

        Our point exactly, if our records cannot be removed from WHOISOLOGY, even after it’s expired and someone else buys the domain —- and use it for illegal purposes, we are the ones in trouble. We are the ones who have to face the shame, humilation and legal problems.

        WHOISOLOGY should enable updating and removal of data!

        Don’t you agree?

      • No it is not you.
        Whoisology is not the official whois. It just archives whois history.
        In this situation probably whoisology will save you because it will save the whois change and the date it was changed thus proving you are not the owner when something illegal happens.

        Whether I agree or not is another matter. Whoisology is not mine to make decisions.

    • I am having exactly the same problem dealing with personal safety, have you resolved this? am desperate to get the info removed for exactly the same reason!!

      • Hi Dru, no I have not resolved it! There is no way to resolve unless someone with enough money or clout goes after them. They refuse to help and do not care if we are being stalked. I guess I have to sell my house and move at great cost–because of WHOISOLOGY! Best of luck to you.

  9. Whoisology clearly violates the whois database policies which do not allow to perform bulk queries or building a database from whois information. Therefore, the offer is clearly illegal. I hope that Phil McKegney will be sued for this unfair practice. Hoping for a precedence case here…
    Why are they hiding their IP address behind CloudFlare? Why are they using a whois anonymization service themselves if they are in favor of transparency?
    Whoisology is nothing more than hypocritical search engine spam generating as much money as possible from clicks to their site.

  10. Theyve published my home address, name, email and phone number from a domain name that was never used and has been unregistered for years. Im fairly sure I never agreed to have my phone number shared. This information is useless for anything decent. But Im sure scam artists, thieves and telemarkers will find a use.

  11. Thank you for your great neutral post. Your relations to Whoisology are totally concealed by the escrow.com advertisements. Luckily I don’t find the same kind of ads on whoisology.com.

  12. Whoisology now boasts an option to remove records from the “general public”: https://whoisology.com/redaction_request
    However, there still have to be assessments on how this is implemented.

  13. and what about one of the worst among those type of “services”, who.is?!?….

    I hope that now that ICANN becomes internationally governed, the European way of managing legal issues will have more importance and Icann will look to Eurid’s way of managing registrant details, for instance.

    I am also sure those services are COMPLETELY ILLEGAL in most of the European countries

  14. This whoisology site will be taken down soon… Legal Team is prepared for this… Completely unethical by this site indexing by email adress and pulling all sensitive data in the name of ICANN or public information. This site is not the authorities to provide personal information without ICANN permission. People can search whois data just for lookup which can be pulled from ICANN database, but you can’t store someone’s personal information to your site, and indexed by search engines for monetary purpose.
    Just wait and watch.

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