Winner of on Namejet tries to sell it to 2nd bidder after 10 minutes

Bruce Breger wrote on Facebook that the winning bidder of on Namejet contacted him 10 minutes after the auction ended.

The winner told Bruce that he got carried away in his bidding and asked him if he was still interested.

You can imagine that Bruce was not too happy with that:

“I was just involved in an auction at namejet. I was leading up through the last 3 minutes and another bidder comes in and bids which is normal. I made two more bids and he came back with another bid and I stopped.

10 minutes after the auction I get an email from him. It was easy for him to track me from my bidding ID.

The email says “I got carried away in my bidding for the domain. Are you still interested”?

I am done with Namejet. Never again.”

The winning bid was $26,100:

The bidder alias was “strawberrycheesecake” so next time you know who you are dealing with.

I would reply and tell him: “Yes, I am interested. Pay up the $26,100 and then I will buy it from you for $22,200”.

The only other auction that found with “strawberrycheesecake” was the auction for on Namejet that ended on the 26th of July and he won once again. This also looks suspicious as he won the auction at the reserve price. I wonder if he have paid for that auction.

Read more on Namejet shill bidding here. I am still waiting to hear the results of the Namejet investigation on shill bidding. I will not stop asking for it until I do.


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  1. That bidder ID also won WinnersClub(.)com back in 2014

  2. That’s what I call front-running with a touch of buyer’s remorse! 😀

  3. And what about using NJ for buying domains for yourself?

  4. i presume he won’t pay and that domain will be re-auctioned. Ban him and any reincarnation of him from Namejet.

  5. namejet is flawed

  6. Thanks for posting this. This really doesn’t look good, I am not making any accusations, if it’s a one time thing ok, the bidder would not be the first to get caught up in a frenzy and overbid. If they have done more than once well at a minimum they have a problem with self control. Acro makes a good point about potential front running. When it works people like to write about how genius they were, when it doesn’t they disappear. NameJet needs to get back to you on your questions.

    • I have written about front running before and I am 99% sure that the people that were doing it on namejet are still allowed to bid. That ridiculous guy thinks I will connect with him on facebook and linkedin…

  7. Lol. I’d buy that for a dollar.

  8. Talk about bad timing, is there ever good timing in this situation though?

  9. Whoops I forgot to include a sad face ……. : (

  10. This is shocking. I’ve never used NameJet and with all this and shill bidding, I don’t think I ever will. Surely this domain is worth way more than $25k.

  11. That’s really bad.. Namejet should look into it properly..

  12. I’m not clear on the issue here. Was it:

    a. The winner was able to identify the 2nd highest bidder (Bruce Beger)?
    b. The winner overstretched themselves and had immediate buyer’s remorse?
    c. The winner owns the domain and was bidding up their own auctions?

    I don’t see anything on like “c” in the article so how this auction related to the shill bidding scandal at NJ. What indicates there was shill bidding at play here?

    Note: I’m not saying we should not continue to seek answers from NJ but I’m trying to understand the relation of this incident with the shill bidding incidents.

    I also read about the allegation of front-running in the comments. But how is it front running after having won the auction? The winner HAS to purchase the auction (unless they are okay with being banned from NJ) so how is that front-running?

  13. UPDATE TO AUCTION – The winner of the auction ended up paying.

  14. Maybe the changed !

  15. I was the broker of that auction. I just saw this article and wasn’t aware the winner had remorse and tried to re-sell it 10 min after ! Its surprising as I feel he did an outstanding long term acquisition. The deal went through in August.

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