GoDaddy interviews Sumo’s growth & optimization specialist

GoDaddy published a very interesting video on YouTube on things like using video with a limited budget, the good and bad about live video, using free content to convert website visitors to subscribers, and more.

GoDaddy’s Kate Volman sat down with Troy Stites, the Growth & Optimization Specialist for Sumo.

Sumo is the digital marketing company that paid 1.5 million dollars in February 2017 to purchase the domain name

Troy Stites started his career by turning his YouTube channel into a profitable business. Here he discusses how he became the Growth & Optimization Specialist at

Troy Stites grew up in Iowa and started working in the hedge fund and private equity industry after graduate school at San Diego State. However, after discovering that wasn’t his passion, he started a YouTube channel that grew into a business. The success of his channel caught the attention of the Sumo team, which help him land his current gig.

Troy loves helping business owners generate results. He says, “The more niche your business is, the more fanatical your fans will be.” Too true. Here is what the discussed on the video:

  • How to get started using video with a limited budget
  • The good and the bad about live video
  • 3 strategies to capture more email addresses from visitors who land on your website
  • Great examples of free content that converts visitors into subscribers
  • Tips on how to drive more traffic to your website

… and more!

Here is the video:

Here are a few of the key moments below:

1:10 What is Sumo?
2:30 Learn a mistake many entrepreneurs make here.
3:00 At first Troy Stites didn’t want to collect emails. Learn what changed his mind here.
4:00 In an era of instant gratification, sometimes we need to be patient as we grow. In this spot in the interview, Troy discusses the need for patience.
4:49 Kate Volman asks Troy: How should a business with a limited budget get started with video? Get the answer here.
6:47 You’ve heard it before, “Be yourself.” It’s more than a self-help statement, though. It’s a good business practice.
9:07 Can a business get started with video on their mobile phone? Is that enough? Troy shares his surprising answer here.
10:59 Lots of people dream of being a monetized YouTuber with massive subscriber lists – can you break into that platform? Learn about building a following here.
12:19 Head here to get the scoop on monetization of your YouTube channel.
14:30 Troy’s take on live video – should businesses be doing it?
16:43 Here Troy talks about how fast setting up Sumo on your website is, and why it’s important to collect your website visitors’ emails.
17:53 What do big businesses have to do with how your business collects email addresses? Find out here.
18:57 You should give something of value in exchange for an email address – here’s why.
20:12 What’s an exit-intent pop-up? Troy explains it.
21:13 What’s the newest and most effective way to capture emails on your website? Learn this awesome strategy that Troy says has a 71% opt-in rate.
23:25 Here are some good examples of opt-ins that convert.
25:38 Until now this interview has been mostly focused on what to do with people that are already ON your website. Here Troy will discuss strategies for driving traffic to your site.
27:12 Kate quickly recaps some of the points made in this video, and shares how the data created by using Sumo can help you figure out what’s working on your business website.
28:06 Troy talks about A/B testing using Sumo’s software here.
29:30 Want a fun offer from Sumo? Head to this point of the video to snag it.
30:21 Wrap-ups and goodbyes


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