Shawn Pfunder of GoDaddy interviews Soarigami from Steve Harvey’s Funderdome (video)

GoDaddy is sponsoring Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, a new TV show that in on ABC, Sundays 9|8c.

Shawn Pfunder of GoDaddy interviews Grace inventor of the Soarigami armrest extender that appeared on Funderdome. They discuss how she used GoDaddy’s marketing tools to get her product online and how GoDaddy’s GoCentral online store can help small businesses like Soarigami sell their products online.

Here is the video with the interview:

And this is a video of the Funderdome innovation station that is presented by GoDaddy:

This is the transcript of the video interview:

Shawn Pfunder: Hey, I’m Shawn Pfunder with GoDaddy, I’m here with Grace from Soarigami.
Grace: Hi everyone.
Shawn Pfunder: You know we’re going to jump right in. Grace, tell us what you got in here like what is this?
Grace: Ever been stuck in the middle seat of an airplane?
Shawn Pfunder: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
Grace: Ever had to share an armrest with somebody? Isn’t it kind of awkward like okay let’s just try, let’s both try to share this.
Shawn Pfunder: All right, we’re both going to try to.
Grace: This is like less than 2 inches okay.
Shawn Pfunder: Okay.
Grace: And then like. It’s mine.
Shawn Pfunder: That’s not going to happen. All right.
Grace: It’s awkward.
Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.
Grace: It can be really awkward so I came up with a solution it’s called Soarigami.
Shawn Pfunder: Are you going to show us?
Grace: I’m going to show [inaudible].
Shawn Pfunder: All right, right on.
Grace: Basically, it folds flat like a piece of paper.
[ Music ] One, now put your arm on it.
Shawn Pfunder: Put my arm on it. Oh, now I see.
Grace: And now there’s no touching.
Shawn Pfunder: [Inaudible] there’s no touching.
Grace: We get equal share of the armrest.
Shawn Pfunder: Yeah, my God this is amazing actually.
Grace: It’s a win win.
Shawn Pfunder: This is a win win.
Grace: Oh, and it’s shaped like a paper airplane.
Shawn Pfunder: Wait, does it fly?
Grace: Yes.
Shawn Pfunder: Yes.
Grace: It flies.
Shawn Pfunder: Okay this is amazing, so Grace tell me how did you come up with the idea like what sparked it?
Grace: Being stuck in the middle seat on a 17-hour flight from DFW to Hong Kong.
Shawn Pfunder: So, what did you first prototype look like?
Grace: It looked like a toilet seat.
Shawn Pfunder: It looked like a toilet seat.
Grace: It was terrible, it was terrible.
Shawn Pfunder: So, you just like lay a toilet seat on there?
Grace: It was like a voluptuous potato, it was made out of acrylic, it was clunky, it weighed like 8 pounds like no this did not always look this slick, it took many iterations.
Shawn Pfunder: So, it looks it like it may be [inaudible] right, you’ve got to put your arm on?
Grace: Yeah, yes, yeah it was.
Shawn Pfunder: That’s fantastic.
Grace: It was, I mean nobody would travel with that, nobody would even carry that.
Shawn Pfunder: So, is this your first idea or have you been doing lots of ideas, do you kind of have that entrepreneur spirit?
Grace: This is my first, but not my last. I have others in the works.
Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.
Grace: I actually registered Soarigami Studio on GoDaddy.
Shawn Pfunder: That’s it.
Grace: For future products.
Shawn Pfunder: There you go, you keep it going. Now I can see like potential for this outside of an airplane right.
Grace: Very clever.
Shawn Pfunder: Like someplace else right?
Grace: Very clever.
Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.
Grace: Yeah, like anywhere with [inaudible] like movie theaters.
Shawn Pfunder: Oh.
Grace: Buses.
Shawn Pfunder: That’s right.
Grace: Stadiums.
Shawn Pfunder: Stadiums.
Grace: Can you imagine like your favorite sports team branded on this?
Shawn Pfunder: So, okay let’s talk a little bit about marketing right, being GoDaddy and online and social media and mobile and everything like what are you doing right now to market your product, to get it out there?
Grace: I think I need help in that area.
Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.
Grace: Well I mean the only thing we’ve done so far is we launched an animated video.
Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.
Grace: It’s called [inaudible] like everyone join the movement. So yeah, we launched a video and I think that’s where we need your help.
Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.
Grace: In what the next steps are.
Shawn Pfunder: Like get something online.
Grace: Like how to get this — yeah.
Shawn Pfunder: You have a website now?
Grace: Yes.
Shawn Pfunder: Right that you are kind of getting started getting everything online. Do you have experience with say like social media or getting found like with SEO and things like that?
Grace: We have all the social [inaudible] at Soarigami.
Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.
Grace: So, yes.
Shawn Pfunder: You’re good there yeah.
Grace: Good there. SEO, I mean we can always use help in that.
Shawn Pfunder: No, I think the big thing is this, you know, the secret for me with SEO really is one phrase and the phrase is that you are we say that you are and the product.
Grace: GoDaddy says.
Shawn Pfunder: No, not just me like the general public.
Grace: Okay.
Shawn Pfunder: The general population because some people will get clever and they’ll try to come up with something like really funny for the words on their website.


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