How To Get Into GoDaddy Premier Services for Domains (video)

If you are looking to find out what Go Daddy Premier Services for Domains is all about, what the benefits are and if you qualify this is the video to watch. It features many slides and advice from GoDaddy Premier Services for Domains employees.

So how do you get these special Premier Services for your domains? The minimum amount of domains in your account is 250 and there is a minimum yearly spending of $5,000. Exceptions do apply.

Joe and Greg let you in on what accounts automatically qualify for these benefits, explaining the number of domains you need to manage, as well as the yearly spend you’ll need to maintain. You’ll also get an overview of the discounted pricing and additional sales opportunities provided for customers with Premier Services, as well as the added security they receive for their domains, among other things.

This is the Google hangout video explaining it all:

You can watch the other 3 videos of the series here:

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