30 New gTLD domain names sell for $143,129

This is the weekly New gTLD domain name sales report courtesy of Sold.Domains. This week 30 New gTLD domains were sold.

3 domains were sold for 5 figures: fashion.nyc, shop.nyc and bitcoin.casino.

The total sales value for these 30 domains was $143,129.

23 of the domains were sold at the premium fashion .nyc domain name auction that produced over $90k in sales. The other 7 were sold at Sedo.

Here is the top 10 New gTLD domain name sales from the past week:

Domain Name Price Date Venue
Fashion.nyc 37000 USD 2017-02-28 Snapnames
Shop.nyc 33500 USD 2017-02-28 Snapnames
bitcoin.casino 28000 USD 2017-02-26 Sedo
weed.blog 7877 USD 2017-02-26 Sedo
bitcoin.blog 5555 USD 2017-02-26 Sedo
Deals.nyc 4100 USD 2017-02-28 Snapnames
360.world 3400 USD 2017-02-26 Sedo
organic.plus 3000 USD 2017-02-26 Sedo
Models.nyc 2563 USD 2017-02-28 Snapnames
saints.cloud 2200 USD 2017-02-26 Sedo

You can read last week’s domain name sales report here.

These are sales that are reported by various domain name aftermarkets, domain auctions, registries, but most importantly private sales reported to OnlineDomain.com or Sold.Domains.

You can see all the latest New gTLD sales here.

At Sold.Domains you can also search for all New gTLD sales (by extension or keyword), see the top sales of each year since 2014 up to 2017 and also see the top New gTLD sales of all time.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. I think you should separate registry sales from domainer owned sales.

    It’s a whole different animal

  2. New TLD is getting some attention ehhh ?
    “.blog” sales looks good ?

  3. Not a bad result considering that they are at an infant stage.

  4. Konstantinos,

    Sold.Domains is great idea, but as you limit search results by only 25 domains, it is a bit useless imho. How are we supposed to search there? Brainstorming keywords to get 25 more relevant results?

    • I am sorry but all sale reporting sites (like namebio) are like this. I can’t expose my whole database. What search can’t you do?

      • As number of sold ngtlds is rather small, it is hard to imagine how to search. If using keywords, then very few searches will return any results, and very often no results at all. Looks like waste of time to search in such a way. If, for example, I’m lucky to make good guess, and I will get many results, only 25 will be shown. OK, I get 25, but if I want more? What is the point to note, for example, that “100 matches have been found but only 25 are shown”? If I can’t see them, what’s the point? That said, why to promote the database of sold domains if one can hardly find anything there?

      • You search by extension or by keyword. This is a free service.
        If you want to get all the .club sales or all sales then sorry but you won’t. I have to protect myself. The point is that someone that is interested will pay and get the full results.

      • Fair point. Just I haven’t seen anywhere that the entire database is available at cost.

      • People that are interested contact me or learn about it like you did now. 🙂

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