Autism.Rocks Sells For $100,000 At Sedo (9 Other New gTLDs Sell As Well)

sedoThe domain name Autism.Rocks sold at Sedo for $100,000.

The sale was reported in this week’s Sedo domain name sales report that also includes 9 more New gTLD sales for what is probably the best week in New gTLDs for Sedo.

Other sales include Star.Casino that was sold for 10,000 Euro and that sold for $2,500. You can see all the 10 latest domain name sales from Sedo plus many more at Sold.Domains.

Autism.Rocks went straight to the #5 place of the all time New gTLD Sold.Domains and on the #4 spot of the year to date New gTLD domain names sales.

Although the domain name resolves it is not displaying anything other than a page indicating that the hosting account has not yet been configured.

Apparently the domain name was sold by from Florida that registered the domain name back in August 2014. The buyer is from Dubai that does not have an active company website. The new owner is also the owner of the domain name

What seems strange about the seller is this part I found on their website:

absolute sales solutions is also a proud partner and supporter of We Rock For Autism. Founded as a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the awareness and acceptance of autism, We Rock For Autism provides services and donations to individuals and families affected by autism allowing them to receive treatments they may not otherwise be able to afford. To learn more about We Rock for Autism, or to help, please visit them:


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  1. perhaps there was some kind of stipulation with the sale to donate the money to the we rock for autism organization…who knows. the domains are owned by christian as well.

  2. Makes perfect sense to me.

    One autism non-profit registered and the other autism non-profit wanted the name. The second non-profit paid $100K to the first non-profit, gained the domain, and the money wasn’t “wasted” because it still went to support autism.

  3. sold for $175.000 USD sold for $140.000 USD sold for $100.001 USD sold for $100.001 USD sold for $100.000 USD
    Autism.Rocks sold for $100.000 USD
    Vegas.Club sold for $100.000 USD
    Transfer.Money sold for $90.000 USD
    Luxury.Estate sold for $50.000 USD sold for $25.000 USD

    and KONSTANTINOS believes “” isn´t worth $80.000 USD

    Hes right; it isn´t worth $80.000 USD / is worth more than any of these sold domains listed above.

    One day “” will feature the sale of “” as the biggest new gTLD ever …

    HA, HA, HA …

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