New gTLD weekly domain name sales report (2 domains sell for $20k+ each)

This is the weekly New gTLD domain name sales report courtesy of Sold.Domains. 2 domains sold for $20k+ each: and

You can read all about the sale of and read all the interesting comments here.

The extended NamesCon and Namejet auction ended 2 weeks ago selling a lot of New gTLDs. Highest selling one was that sold for $2,222.

Here is the top 10 New gTLD domain name sales from the past week (this is the 1st report so it includes names sold after the extended Namescon auction):

Domain Name Price Date Venue 20500 USD 21/2/2017 Private 20000 USD 19/2/2017 DomainAgents 5000 USD 24/2/2017 Uniregistry 3500 USD 16/2/2017 Afternic 3500 USD 12/2/2017 Sedo
Phone.Parts 3000 USD 19/2/2017 Sedo 2400 USD 12/2/2017 Lumis 1750 USD 12/2/2017 1500 USD 19/2/2017 Private 1100 USD 22/2/2017 Private

It was also reported that sold last month for $5,000 USD by

These are sales that are reported by various domain name aftermarkets, domain auctions, registries, but most importantly private sales reported to or Sold.Domains.

You can see all the latest New gTLD sales here.

At Sold.Domains you can also search for all New gTLD sales (by extension or keyword), see the top sales of each year since 2014 and also see the top New gTLD sales of all time.

P.S. This was supposed to be posted on Friday but news got in the way. More sales coming soon like the .nyc auction here.


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  1. Drink.Coffee – I like! 😀 And Act.Today is another demonstration of a strong keyword+gTLD pair selling for a solid price.

  2. Agreed. The proper pairing of noun/verb +gTLD seems to be where the sales are happening, and where the interest is.

  3. Here’s why a sale like Drink.Coffee shows how weak the gTLDS are. There’s a limited number of words to the left of the dot that make sense with each gTLD. For .Coffee you could have:

    Keep going with the list, but it’s not going to be super long. So when one of the top 25 domains from that list sells for $5k in the aftermarket what does that tell you about the value of that gTLD?

    • @Anticareer,

      That argument doesn’t really work. 2-word domain names that end in “coffee” aren’t worth very much, whether they use .COFFEE or .COM. We can’t make any legitimate inference from “coffee” domains to domains in general.

    • is better is better. is better. is better
      etc but you aren’t going to get rich from these domains. the gtlds serve No Purpose.

  4. Is the # 15 million gtld’s registered, and this is all the sales :-s

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