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Top 10 domain articles in December 2016: Mike Mann, ICANN transfer policy, New gTLD sales, Frank Schilling

These are the top domain name articles from December 2016.

The most popular articles were Mike Mann earnings, the new ICANN transfer policy, New gTLD domain name sales, Frank Schilling’s advice and other subjects.

December 2016 was a slower month at in terms of views and visitors because of the holidays but still more than 215+ comments were submitted by readers.

BTW these are the top articles of all 2016.

Here are the top 10 posts for December 2016 in order of views:

  1. How much is Mike Mann making from domain names per year?
  2. The new ICANN policy on domain WHOIS changes is active and crazy things are happening already
  3. Mike Mann’s Latest Domain Acquisitions & Sales (HeyBabe .com, FastFwd .com, IronOak .com)
  4. Share your New gTLD domain name sales (and post your domains for sale also!)
  5. People trying to unload 1-letter New gTLDs with expensive renewals
  6. Mike Mann says average domain name sale prices have doubled over the last 18 months
  7. Using digital fear to get more domain name registrations!
  8. Frank Schilling gives domain name advice ahead of 2017
  9. US government plans to stop domain name hopping
  10. Registrars and their support team don’t know enough about the new ICANN domain transfer policy

And a few good posts that I think are important and most people missed probably because of bad timing:

  1. The domain name sells for $100,667
  2. GoDaddy publishes eBook to help people boost their web presence
  3. CentralNic sells domains for US$ 4.5 million
  4. “4 Hidden Insights of Google Analytics That Can Double Your Sales”
  5. The domain name Grinch award!

Make sure you visit the The Michael Gleissner UDRP Tracker – Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH). Everybody should be keep an eye on this guy…

I have posted a convenient calendar of the New Domain Names Launching In 2017.

This is where the readers came from this past month:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. Canada
  5. India
  6. Australia
  7. Netherlands
  8. Spain
  9. France
  10. New Zealand

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