is the 1st confirmed New gTLD sale of 2017 – Guess the renewal price…

The domain name sold at Sedo and is the 1st confirmed New gTLD sale of 2017.

The domain was bought for $2,150 and the new owner is (surprise, surprise) from Amsterdam.

When I saw the sale I thought that the renewal price would be off the charts for this one like several other New gTLDs that are being auctioned off.

But the renewal price is not $400+ or even $200+ like many of the Donuts higher end domains. The renewal is about $115 per year (Or is it just $23 per year? My registrar is uncertain…). I would never have guessed it.

That is not bad for such a domain. I own less than 10 New gTLDs with a renewal of more than that. Maybe I would have made a bid for it but I forgot and I didn’t even check the renewal price until after the auction was over.

The buyer owns several other New gTLDs like,,, and

The buyers main website seems to be another new domain: This is how the company describes what it does:

Bitpub is a platform for a new generation of websites that focus on a single topic, where users can easily submit, search, pay, access, play, save, and discuss content.
Joining the platform is possible by connecting any existing website to the Bitpub API, or by joining websites from the Bitpub portfolio. Each Bitpub website provides an online space where users and valuable content can find each other in the most efficient way.

BTW the 2nd New gTLD sale of 2017 is that sold yesterday at a auction for $30,606. The price is not even close to, 9,xyz and that all sold for 6 figures and are in the top 10 of all time in the Sold.Domains New gTLD database.


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  1. Nice domain name.

    I remember a few months back I wanted blogs . city but I took too long and someone registered it before me. 🙁

  2. I am showing the renewal at only $24, I confirmed with 2 sources? Probably what helped it sell.

  3. Konstantinos. Renewal price of just $22

    It was bought on the fourth day of EAP + $650 in August 2015.

  4. The buyer at the moment simply collects domain, I don’t think that “” will soon be used for the active site.

    He has a lot of domains at .sex extension, like “” “” and many many others, and he doesn’t use them.

  5. The seller, also had domain “” but dropped it.
    And I successfully hand-registered it less than three months ago, for the same $22 🙂

  6. Everyone has a lot of good GTLD’s right now in their baskets. I know K and some others were smart they slowly picked thru the batches, and grabbed a few reg fee ones along the way, leaving the premium stuff to people who like to roll the dice.

    Fast forward 2017, everyone is paying to renew alot of good stuff, that has trickle effect of end user sales.

    Sex.City at $24 renewal has upside for a flipper at $2K just with the SEX keyword Sex In The City play, among other things, so there is value there without having to worry about a $500 renewal.

    The adult niche is very cheap for second tier, you have to own the direct category keyword, that has massive natural traffic to get paid for them. 2nd, and 3rd best don’t command much money present day.

    Rick was smart enough to acquire many of these early on, and it gave him CASH FLOW, which is very important in this industry.

  7. The domain will be used, probably 2018, as a sex dating site, and will also be used as a brand name for parties at various cities, to further promote the brand and provide physical social gatherings for the online community.

    I do own a lot of premium domains, with the intention of booting up a network of sites that are attached to the API of Bitpub, which will be providing the best mail, chat, articles, links, files, search, and not unimportant: payments. Five years development has already been invested in this platform, and it’s getting ready to roll, in fact, is already being used by some big sites. All the Bitpub sites will have a single login, and will use its own internal payment token for payments. will be a huge online and onsite dating venue by 2021, and of all similar names that I have, this one is best for that particular purpose.

    It think of domains as the new trademarks. A domain is something you have to be able to remember. It’s the string that lives in people’s head, that your users need to remember to be able to tell their friends, even while drunk, and must therefore be super, super, super easy. That is what these new gltds provide, that is very, very valuable.

  8. – i also bid on this upto 500$.

    very nice domain for Dating.

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