ParkingCrew to offer option to sell domains with a Buy Now price

ParkingCrew announced yet another feature addition to be implemented as of early 2017. ParkingCrew will offer option to sell domains with a Buy Now price using

ParkingCrew said that they have worked to bring people the best functioning parking platform and the best revenues in the industry. “At the same time, we have remained true to ourselves and continue to invest in technology rather than a lot of people (aka overhead costs) or fancy gimmicks. This allows us to pay the highest rev shares out there.”

Some of the most useful features added to the platform this year came about as a direct result of client feedback. Among others, these have included:

-Domain per month stats
-Ability to add keywords “in bulk”
-Hide domain name function

And now they have a new feature coming up in early 2017:

-Sell your names with a Buy Now price. Thanks to your feedback and encouragement, as of early 2017, it will be possible to sell your domains at a fixed price. In addition to the current price settings, you will be able to set a price through the ParkingCrew dashboard and choose the option to add a Buy Now sales banner to your parked page.

ParkingCrew has teamed up with, who have many years of industry experience and will ensure the secure transfer of funds.

More payment options will be added in the months after. In addition, ParkingCrew will not apply a sales commission to list or sell domains on their platform for at least 6 months. Only a small fee by will be billed to the buyer.

If you have any suggestions for new functions or improvements to existing features, please share any thoughts and ideas with ParkingCrew.



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  1. So ultimately they will charge a commission for using their service? Did they indicate what percentage?

  2. Well, nothing new under the sun, Bodis already offers the option to sell a domain with a BIN price through
    The real innovation would be that Escrow, Payoneer, etc would start providing escrow buttons with Make an Offer option, to be placed on websites, emails, etc. 🙂

  3. Welcome to 2011 parking crew

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