Sedo allows you to set a Minimum Offer price when adding domains

Sedo announced today that it is now allowing it’s users to set a Minimum Offer when adding new domain names into their system. This way you don’t have to make 2 steps in order to add and then set minimum prices on your domains. Also you can avoid the delay between adding your domains at Sedo, waiting for them to get accepted and THEN setting the minimum price. That is another feature that is long overdue from Sedo.

Here is the complete announcement from Sedo:

Set Minimum Offers and Receive Only the Bids You Want We just updated the Add Domains process so you can now set minimum offers on your names when you first add them to your account.

Setting a minimum offer allows you to control which offers you receive on those names – you won’t receive notification of offers that are below this amount, so you can be sure that you are only negotiating with those buyers who have price expectations that match yours. We’ve had a number of requests to add this feature directly to the Add Domains process, and are happy to say that it is now available to all our customers!
Our recommendation for getting more buyers interested in your names from the get-go is to set Buy Now prices. In our experience, end users prefer to purchase names that have a fixed, Buy Now price, as this saves them time, and gets them the name they want both more quickly and more easily.

Find out more about the advantages of Buy Now pricing in our white paper!


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  1. this would be news, except no-one with half a brain is joining or adding domains to sedo
    they are finished
    the German uboat is sunk lol

  2. I’m surprised that any domains sell at all using Sedo’s home page search tool. I have asked my friends (non domain sellers) to test Sedo’s search and they only got confused. Like, if you search key word “Media”, there’s numerous domains returned not even close. Try it, search “Media”, the TOP TEN Sedo shows are: transmedial, mediaeval, immediately, youcomedian, trymediation, and so forth… Terrible!!! A total joke to use.

  3. Sedo apparently removed their idiotic category selection. Offering it in the first place made no sense. Narrowing down a domain’s meaning past one topic, plus two extra sub-levels! The assigning software Sedo used was faulty as well. I remember submitting a domain with the words “San Francisco Lawyer”… and Sedo’s automatic system
    placed it under “Gay – Social”!

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