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Mike Mann’s Latest Domain Acquisitions & Sales (PersonalPlanner .com, GoogleOptimization .com)

Here is a look at some of Mike Mann’s domain acquisitions and sales from September. Mike had a busy month both selling and buying domain names.

Mike Mann is the owner of that offers more than 250,000 premium domain names for sale.

Domain name sales: $2000, Purchased cheap long time ago $10,000. Purchased 10/30/2012 $200 $7000. Purchased 6/6/10 $7.50 $18,000. Purchased 7/25/12 $80 $12,500. Purchased 3/22/12 $70 $9888. Purchased 4/5/11 $7.50 $9888. Purchased 12/18/12 $8. $5000. Purchased 11/10/09 $8 $24,888. Purchased 11/4/10 $8 $43,000. Purchased 11/21/08 $900. $9888. Purchased 3/15/09 $7.50. Still own the plural.

Domain name purchases: $70; sold a few months ago for 4K $8 $20. True value, $30,000 $10 $2000 $7.50 $20. True value $20,000. $20; true value, eternal life. $20, true value, changing the world. & $9 ea. $888 $11, for sale to Trump $11M

(One thing to remember is that Mike Mann needs to sell about $2.5 million worth of domains per year to break even and that he is NOT a flipper. The average holding time for his sold domains is usually more than 5 years.)

A few of Mike’s quotes over the past month:

“If you beat me in the domain auction, congrats, you paid too much, money better spent elsewhere.”

“If you want to be a crappy little company forever dont buy a premium .Com domain brand.”

“The only domain appraisers that have any legitimacy at all are the market makers who buy and sell large numbers of premium domains over the generations, of which there are about a dozen in the world. Any market predictions, offers, appraisals or domain pricing from any other sources, like VCs or bots or uneducated marketers are useless and therefore very misleading. Also people predicting and speculators trying to profit on new domains (gTLDs) who are engaged in wishful thinking, and .Com lowballers on my website have no appraisal legitimacy. The domain system is an unregulated financial market with random commentary and vast bid:offer spreads, so broad that usually no bids will ever exist, and no value to the majority of the “inventory” at most of my competitor’s sites.”

“You want Name Recognition for your business?, buyers recognize .Com for starters, dont confuse and alienate them.”

“If you beat me at a domain auction I’m sorry, because the only time I bailed is when the price is unreasonable. If you lost to me in a domain auction Im sorry. If you go against me in a domain auction I’m sorry. A premium .Com is worth more to me because I have a higher chance of selling it at a higher price and sooner, so it doesnt make sense to attempt to outbid me.

“New gTLD domain snakeoilers are missing the fact that all the world’s best corporations and marketing professionals are already using .Com and already chose not to use alternatives to WWW.——.COM syntax – they had forever to choose things like .info .net .co, and anything instead of the WWW too, but they are never going to change because that is the very best consistent branding. Others are predominantly country specific, backup pointer names, or garbage.”

“Why am I sure the .Com domain market is underdeveloped and undervalued? I’m winning domains on auction with 25 other bidders where I know Im paying way too little. So the market is broad but shallow, one day even more broad but also more liquid and deeper in prices. Moreover I buy very generic fabulous domains for around $1000 that have a hundred corporations that trade in said expression, making them worth dozens of times my cost, waiting for the market to catch up and benefit accordingly. Also the more gTLDs going online make the matching .Com’s worth ever more. Also my average name selling price is going up consistently for years.”

“The average domain sales price at has more than doubled to around $3000 currently. The average appraised price is more than double of that (the best, most expensive, domains arent moving fast). The perspective company portfolio buyers drinking KoolAid just want to pay a tiny fraction per name, which aint happenin.”

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  1. Wait isn’t Trademark Infindgement?

  2. If he needs to sell 2.5Mill a year, and this is all his sales for the month, then he is losing money.
    With 208k a month in renewal costs. The list above at a glance adds up to 150ish.


  3. I mean does google used other names other than google.

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